Infinity Pool Project With Baja Ledge on Isle of Palms

Pool Description

This salt water infinity pool design incorporates a spa sunken inside the pool and a baja ledge off to the side where bathers can lounge in the shallow water without being completely submerged.
With this type of spa, sinking a body of water inside another body of water creates a sense of calm. It’s like double the pleasure. While you soak and relax in this spa you overlook the beautiful infinity pool’s edge and into the vast Atlantic Ocean.
This pool is designed to be heated and cooled too. During the cooler months the pool can be heated to extend your swim season by around 2- 3 months or so. It can also be chilled to provide you with some relief during our hot and humid summer months. The pool’s interior finish is Thunderhill Polished Granite. What gives this pool its beautiful color is the how the interior finish color mixes with the color of the sky. Your pool’s color will look a different shade depending on many variables. The time of day, blue sky, white or dark clouds, and even the time of year all have an impact on the color show you’ll get from your pool.



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