Making Hurricane Preparations for your Pool

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All too many recent hurricanes have left Carolina locals glued to the Weather Channel trying to analyze the tropical weather systems' direction and strength. Whether it is Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Matthew or Hurricane Florence, it is important to know the preparations for your pool to make for the potential impacts of Tropical Storm and/or Hurricane flooding and winds.

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We put together some important Do's and Don'ts to guide you when preparing for a tropical weather event.

What Not To Do when Preparing your Pool for Tropical Weather

Do NOT Drain Your Pool

While the idea of draining your pool might seem logical, it actually is just the opposite. The best thing to do is to leave the pool water in the pool, as the weight of the water stabilizes the pool in place during rising waters.

Do NOT Cover Your Pool

Pools covers and pool cover systems are susceptible to falling debris, heavy limb damage, and accumulating rain water. Thus it is best to leave your pool cover open, so you don't have to cover costly replacement damages.


What To Do when Preparing your Pool for Tropical Weather

Leave Pool Covers OPEN

As outlined above, if pool covers are closed during a storm, you are increasing the risk of pool cover and system damage significantly. Leave the pool cover OPEN.

Turn OFF Water Features

If you have fountains, scuppers, waterfalls, or bubblers, prepare for severe weather by turning them off ahead of the storm.

Clear Surrounding Area

Objects around the pool area should be secured or moved whenever possible. This includes grills, umbrellas, patio furniture, and more. You do not want to find yourself fishing these items out of your swimming pool post-weather event, so if it can't come inside, make sure it's not going anywhere.

Add Extra Liquid Chlorine

As a precautionary measure, we advise adding additional liquid chlorine to a pool prior to a tropical weather event. While not imperative, should the power fail causing cleaning and system equipment to be non-functional, it will keep the pool at a manageable cleanliness level.

Post-Storm Tips

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

If your pool equipment area becomes flooded, we highly advise you to NOT attempt to turn off the breakers at your equipment room/area - or turn them back on if already off.

If you need assistance with pool cleaning, repairing or servicing, and are not yet an Aqua Blue Pools customer, we kindly request patience - do know that we will do our very best to assist you as soon as possible. As can be expected, priority service is given to our existing customer accounts.  Learn more about our pool maintenance services >

How to Reach Us

In the case of power and phone service disruptions, the best method of contact with the Aqua Blue Pools' Team is via our website's contact page.

A Message to our Pool Maintenance Customers

While the ABP team will often have to evacuate in an effort to protect our own families and properties, please rest assured that once the storm has passed and we've established safe working conditions for our team, we will be visiting and inspecting each and every pool we currently service after the storm. You will receive top priority and will be receiving updates via email once we return to work if you have signed up. You can also follow us on our Facebook page for updates. We aim to stay in contact with our customers as much as possible; it's just one way we try to be good pool contractors for everyone we service.

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