7 things to look for when choosing a Pool Contractor

You’ve dreamed of escaping to a backyard oasis featuring a beautiful swimming pool. You’ve imagined the pool shapes, the feeling of taking a dip, and the enjoyment of  your family on hot summer days. You’ve planned, you’ve saved, you’re ready to turn your backyard into the oasis of your dreams – but where do you start?


How do you go about finding the best pool contractor for the job?

Building a swimming pool is a major investment that can be all-consuming until it is complete. Determining which pool contractor to hire is an important decision for you and your family and one that can be stressful.

We’ve tried to make that process easier for you by providing some tips, questions, and things to look for when choosing a pool contractor.

1. Do they have a professional place of business and/or a showroom with outdoor display pools?

A pool contractor who has a place of business including a showroom and display pools is a good indicator of stability as a company and shows a commitment to investing in longevity within their community.

2. Do they have customer references?

Homeowners can help tell their story of what it’s like to work with a particular swimming pool contractor. They can share their experience of what went right and what went wrong from the beginning to the end and everywhere in between. In construction, mistakes are made but what counts is how those mistakes are handled. Inquire of these references as to the quality, and timeliness, etc. of the work.

3. Do they have partner references?

References from a pool contractor’s suppliers, vendors and other sub-contractors will provide insight into how they conduct business.

4. Are they a member of the Master Pools Guild?

The Master Pools Guild is a network of over 100 elite custom residential and commercial pool designers and builders from across the globe.

The Guild is the only exclusive, invitation-only group of its kind in the pool industry. Guild designers and builders are meticulously hand chosen because of their innovative design style, professionalism, superior construction quality, scrupulous attention to detail and their ability to foster great relationships with their customers, contractors and vendors.

They truly are the best of the best. Since Guild members are not competitors, choosing a Master Pools Guild member is like choosing a local expert with access to over 100 additional expert consultants from across the globe. Guild members understand the importance of keeping abreast of the latest design trends and pool and spa technology.

Members and their staff are committed to continuing education and adhere to the industry’s best practices. When you choose a Master Pools Guild member, you truly are choosing a firm that can transform your vision into a place of beauty and enjoyment for years to come.

Aqua Blue Pools are Master Pool Guild Members for both our Charleston and Bluffton Offices.

5. Do they have a contractor’s license?

All states require licensing for its building contractors. These laws have been passed to protect property owners from incompetent or dishonest contractors. The licensing process tests basic competency as well as ways to screen out dishonest contractors. A valid license is the first indication that your contractor might be qualified to do the job.

You can look up online to see a contractor’s license status and if any complaints have been filed against their business by visiting the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation online.

6. Is all necessary work to complete the project included in my contract?

The proposal and agreement established between you and your swimming pool contractor should specify which materials will be used and which pool equipment is to be installed. It’s important you review these documents together in case clarification is needed.

7. Is pool maintenance service offered after my pool construction is completed?

Ideally, you’ll want the pros helping to maintain your new pool. If the company who built your pool offers pool maintenance they’ll be better equipped and familiar with you personally to better serve you and your pool.

We hope this list helps you have a better idea of what to look for and what to look out for when deciding who to hire to build your custom swimming pool.  Choosing the right pool builder could be the difference in getting the pool of your dreams in a timely manner or having a long, drawn-out disaster you’re unhappy with in the end.

Contact the design experts at Aqua Blue Pools when you’re ready to start discussing the pool of your dreams.


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