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Summertime Pool Maintenance Blues

In extreme heat, your pool water evaporates at a faster rate – and so are your pool chemicals. Throw in a few rain storms, sunshine, sun-tanning products, your children, and your furry friends who love to swim, and your water chemistry is out of whack!

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You cleaned my pool but it’s dirty again

One minute, your swimming pool is crystal clear. Then in a matter of seconds, a gust of wind blows leaves and other debris into your pool, sending them sinking to the bottom. By the time you get home, it looks like your pool was never cleaned. While frustrating, it’s a normal occurrence.

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Pool filter maintenance combats Mother Nature’s debris

Spring is in the air and in your pool! Mother Nature’s debris—fallen leaves, yellow pollen, dead insects, flower petals, tree blooms—is preventing you from taking your first dip of the season. Thankfully, the pool maintenance team at Aqua Blue Pools are experts at making swimming pools pristine and perfect. Between now and Memorial Day weekend, Aqua Blue Pools will perform a pool filter breakdown for our customers to make sure it is functioning at peak performance. Swimming pools and spas are subject to constant contamination from foreign matter brought in by swimmers and Mother Nature. Filtration is the mechanical process of removing this insoluble…

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