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5 Benefits of a Saltwater Pool

If you’ve been researching sanitizing options for your swimming pool, you may have come across the saltwater pool versus traditional chlorine debate. While both have their pros and cons, sometimes the benefits of saltwater pools are less well known than those of traditional types. Here, we break down some of the reasons that make saltwater pools a favorite among residential pool owners!   What is a Saltwater Pool? First of all, what is a saltwater pool? If the name has you imagining a pool filled with ocean water, you’re certainly not alone. However, a saltwater inground pool is not the same thing…

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Enjoy Your Pool During the Fall

The air feels just a bit crisper, the leaves are changing, the Charleston Sweetgrass is in Fall bloom and the sun sinks below the horizon at an earlier time each day – fall has finally arrived in the Lowcountry! With the temperatures dropping, you may be wondering how you can still enjoy your pool and spa. Pool parties in the summertime may get all the glory, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy your pool during the fall as well! For starters, the Lowcountry Fall season offers up some pretty spectacular back drops to your pool setting. Feeling the chill?…

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Building a High Tech Pool with Aqua Blue Pools

Looking for a way to relieve tension after a demanding day? A custom high tech pool from Aqua Blue Pools is a great way to start. Whether you are in the market for automated cleaning mechanisms or WiFi compatible lighting, we will work with you to create the perfect blend of convenience and features for your lifestyle.

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Find your perfect pool match: concrete or fiberglass

A concrete swimming pool is highly durable and can be formed into just about any shape. You have many more options as far as swimming pool designs and finishes are concerned. A fiberglass swimming pool is relatively easier to maintain. While a lot of options are available from the San Juan line of fiberglass pools, there are limitations to size and shape. But which is best for you? The expert pool and spa builders at Aqua Blue Pools are here to help. Concrete A concrete swimming pool is designed for whatever shape and size is best suited for your outdoor space….

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Plan for your pool with a feasibility analysis

You’ve got ideas. Maybe a fiberglass pool? Maybe an inground conrete one? Before diving into any new pool construction at your home, a Pool Feasibility Study conducted by the experts at Aqua Blue Pools is a smart first step. It begins with a phone consultation with one of our designers/estimators. “During this conversation, establishing your budget is necessary. Once that is determined, we can then approach spatial feasibility which requires a current property site plan or survey,” said Paul Straight of Aqua Blue Pools. Every Pool Feasibility Study is customized to meet the specific needs of each individual property owner and potential…

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What Does the Back of an Infinity Pool Wall Look Like?

Ever wonder what is on the other side of the infinity pool wall? This infinity pool image shows the back of what an infinity pool wall looks like. Water streams down the infinity pool wall and into a trough. Other water-fall effects with infinity pools can show the water shooting out and away from the exterior infinity wall.

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Pool Automation's Newest and Sexiest Feature Yet: The Voice Command of Amazon Echo™ Now Integrated with Pentair ScreenLogic®

Control Your Pool Using Voice Command with Amazon’s Echo
Imagine using your voice to activate your spa, waterfall, pool lights and more. Voice command for your pool’s operation is here. Let’s give a big welcome to the George Jetson of swimming pools!

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How to Keep Your Pool Warm

The weather is turning cooler, but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to close your pool for the winter. As a pool owner, you want to use your pool as much as possible. Besides having clean, pH-balanced water, you most likely want the water to be comfortable for it to truly contribute to your health and pleasure. Heating your pool then becomes a major option.

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