Mixson Bath and Racquet Club Swimming Pool and Spray Play Feature

Pool Description

Mixson Bath and Racquet Club is a mixed use amenity area containing a custom-designed, heated, 3,201 sq. ft. saltwater pool and a 1,000 sq. ft. splash pad with a 10’x30′ spray-play water feature. It is an exclusive members-only club with a full-service restaurant and private cabanas by the pool. The overall design is contemporary/industrial which mirrors a former industry in the project’s surrounding area, a bustling naval shipyard which closed in 1995. On November 16, 2013 the architects of Mixson Bath and Racquet Club won the prestigious Honor Award for design by the American Institute of Architects’ Charleston Chapter.

Project details include an interior finish of white aggregate plaster, waterline tile is 6″x6″ Navy solid, bench and step tile is 2″x2″ blue tile, deck is stained concrete with a rock salt finish and blue cobble accents. The spray play splash pad is 1,000 sq. ft. and the custom-designed, built-in water feature encompasses 300 sq. ft of the overall 1,000 square feet. The materials used for the spray-play feature is galvanized, marine-grade steel and the spray posts are custom-manufactured locally in the greater-Charleston area. There are eight (8) posts in total and each post has 6-9 spray nozzles and the spray pad itself has three misting nozzles which spray straight into the air.

Aqua Blue Pools is South Carolina’s premier commercial swimming pool designer and contractor. We work closely with DHEC and the project’s owners, architects, landscape architects, engineers, and general contractors from the very beginning of the conceptual design phase, into DHEC approvals and permitting, all the way through construction and getting the pool built and ready to open.


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