Summertime Pool Maintenance Blues

Summertime Pool Maintenance Blues

In extreme heat, not only is your pool water evaporating at a faster rate, but so are your pool chemicals. Throw in a few rain storms, sunshine, sun-tanning products, your children, and your furry friends who love to swim, and then surprise… your water chemistry is out of whack! Tell-tale signs of this condition include cloudy water and algae blooms, and pool maintenance and pool cleaning is essential to keeping these conditions in check.
Proper pool maintenance requires adhering to a scheduled pool cleaning and maintenance regimen. Here in the Lowcountry, certain times of the year will call for more attention to your pool than others. This means adding on a couple of additional days of pool maintenance after weather events occur so you can properly monitor your pool water chemistry, etc. and address whatever it requires.
What’s a pool owner to do? Our Charleston pool contractors are glad you asked! Here’s a list of what you should be doing if you maintain your own pool or even if your pool is maintained by a professional. If you have your pool professionally maintained, you should be doing some of these steps in between your scheduled pool maintenance program. Some more frequently than others:

  • Test chlorine (bromine), pH levels – This includes pools w/salt chlorine generators
  • Test calcium hardness and alkalinity
  • Keep an eye on your chlorinator operation
  • Automated pool chemical monitoring systems – Make sure to check that your vat stays filled.
  • Add cyanuric acid monthly
  • Keep your pool free from debris
  • Empty your skimmer basket(s)
  • Skim the pool water surface
  • Backwash or clean your filter system (as needed) – Depends on your type of filter
  • Clean your tile, as needed
  • Brush your pool walls and floors
  • Inspect your pump and motor

Want to read up on pool chemistry? Here’s a good resource to reference from Swim University:

We also encourage you to learn more about our pool maintenance programs by contacting the experts at Aqua Blue Pools.


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