Beach Entry Swimming Pool

Beach Entry Swimming Pool

Pool Description

This swimming pool has many features, but this particular image focuses on the beach entry design aspect of this swimming pool. Beach entry pools make it very easy to enter and exit the swimming pool. There are instances where beach entry pools are ideal for specific types of pool users. The types o f pool users that greatly benefit from beach entry pools are senior citizens, people who have physical disabilities or are bound to a wheelchair. It can make the beach entry pool into more of a special needs pool, making it easier for them to gain entry into the swimming pool so that they can get the aquatic exercise and physical therapy they need. In addition, being in the water helps their emotional well-being. Once they’re ready to exit the pool, it makes it easier on the person or people who have to get them out. All that has to be done is swim them up to their wheelchair that has been rolled into the beach entry section of the swimming pool, and just float them into the seat of their wheelchair. The beach entry section of a pool also makes an ideal splash area for toddlers while they’re under constant adult supervision.


Beach Entry Pools

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