Free Form Pool with Glass Tile in Mt Pleasant

Pool Description

This pool and spa combination project is located in the Park West subdivision in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Listed below are some of the project specifications:

  • Pool dimensions:
    • 25′ x 36′
    • Pool depth: 3′ – 6′
    • Pool area: 503 sq. ft.
  • Spa:
    • 39 sq. ft
    • Tiled spillway is 8′ in length
    • Spa is elevated 18″ above the pool
  • Pool and spa materials:
    • Pool patio – Silver travertine, Mini-Roman pattern, 991 sq. ft.
    • Coping border around pool exterior and top capping of spa – Silver travertine
    • Spa exterior wall – 6″x6″ Silver SPT from NPT
    • Spa spill-over – Glass tile (same as pool)
    • Pool and spa interior finish – Glass tile chosen and purchased by the home-owner from Palmetto Tile in the Charleston, SC metro area.
  • Pool and Spa Equipment:
    • Salt System for sanitizing
    • Full automation and smart device interface
    • Heated
    • Color lights
    • Automatic water filling system


Pool/Spa Combo

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