Free Form Swimming Pool and Spa with Water Features in Mt Pleasant SC

Pool Description

This free form swimming pool and spa with water feature located in the Dunes West subdivision of Mt. Pleasant, SC is designed and built by Aqua Blue Pools.

The swimming pool dimensions are 42 ft x 17 ft and the pool area measures out to be 819 square feet and hold 27,2710 gallons of water. The interior finish is a custom mixture of Blue Mystic Pebble with a double batch of sea shells added. The coping is a precast custom concrete stone and the deck material is Walnut Travertine in a mixed pattern. The deck area is 825 square feet. The spa area is 49 square feet with 10 powerful jets strategically placed throughout the spa to provide maximum benefits to the user. The aesthetic appeal of the spa is that it’s elevated 36 inches above the swimming pool. The material selected for the spa’s exterior fascia is a pebble finish. The spas water features are made up of 5 spill-throughs.

The equipment used on this pool and spa was carefully selected for the size of the pool, spa operation, and the operation of the water features. Just to highlight some of the equipment used on this pool and spa, the swimming pool pump is a Pentair Intelliflow High Performance 4×160 pump. This pump is designed to automatically monitor and adjust water flow rates to optimize performance and minimize energy use, which reduces energy consumption by up to 90%. Some other swimming pool equipment used on this project that stands out is the lighting for the pool and spa. The specialty lighting are Nexus LED lights, 3 for the pool and 1 for the spa. While LED lighting is a more expensive investment upfront, in the end it costs much less to operate and the life span of an LED bulb is much greater than that of an incandescent bulb. So if you’re a bottom-line cost type of thinker, then LED lighting is appropriate for what you need and want. You can get 50,000 hours of usage out of an LED bulb vs. 2,000 hours use out of an incandescent bulb, and the energy consumption is much, much less for LED lighting. Not to mention the luminous efficiency is also greater for LED lighting. Another special equipment item added was computerized automation. The benefit to the swimming pool owner is that having an automated swimming pool system helps to make maintenance and upkeep easier. This swimming pool has a Pentair EasyTouch 8 Automated Control System. The swimming pool owner has the operation of the pool right at his and her fingertips. To make pool cleaning easier, a Pentair Legend Automated Mobile Robotic Cleaner was added. This type of pool cleaner is a minimal investment for the time it will save you from having to vacuum your swimming pool on your own.


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