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Perimeter overflow swimming pool

Perimeter Overflow Swimming Pool Located in Charleston, SC

Although this is not an infinity swimming pool, this 360 degree perimeter overflow swimming pool built by Aqua Blue Pools is located Downtown Charleston and provides a stunning mirror effect. So if you don’t have the right setting for an infinity swimming pool… you can opt for the perimeter overflow swimming pool. Just make sure […]

Residential spa with water feature located on the Isle of Palms, SC

Project located on Isle of Palms, SC. This wet edge swimming pool is a 360 degree perimeter overflow pool. The water completely flows over the swimming pools border providing a liquid surface which acts like a mirror to the sky. The beach-side wall is raised to accommodate additional water features which include 4 copper water […]

Raised 360 Degree Perimeter Overflow Pool on Kiawah Island,SC built by Aqua Blue Pools

This is a 360 degree perimeter overflow pool built by Aqua Blue Pools in Kiawah Island, SC.

Perimeter Overflow Swimming Pool and Spa Located on Isle of Palms, SC

This perimeter overflow swimming pool located on the oceanfront of Isle of Palms, SC is built by Aqua Blue Pools. Look closely at the video and you'll notice how the water is at the same level with the swimming pool deck; and that if flows into a slot built around the swimming pool's perimeter... hence the name perimeter overflow swimming pool

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Perimeter Overflow Swimming Pool Located in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Isle of Palms Perimeter Overflow Pool Design Built by Aqua Blue Pools

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