Pool Finishes

There is a fairly wide selection available for swimming pool interior finish colors. Your pool’s interior color will reflect the sky and provide you with various shades throughout the day. So whether the sky is blue, or it’s filled with the various colors that clouds display… your swimming pool’s interior will provide you with a few different shades of the same color, so you never get bored!  Interior pool finish options for gunite pools are more diverse now than ever before – options ranging from aggregate finishes to pebble finishes and then there are glass tile interior finish options too – depending on your budget. All are beautiful, it just depends on the look you’re after.

Consult with a Professional 

You’ll certainly want to consult with your Aqua Blue Pools Designer on the right choice for you so that they can assist you in getting the look you want.  Below are a few detailed examples of what we offer.

Want to Know More About Pool Finishes?

We encourage you to fill out our consultation form to request a personalized consultation from an Aqua Blue Pools expert!

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