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An Aqua Blue Pools customer takes the time to share his experience with other consumers who are looking to hire a swimming pool contractor.

Well, that question is easy. It was my wife. She always wanted a swimming pool, and we had no concept of where to start so we started everywhere. And after the whole pool process and everything was done, I find my-self using the pool more than she ever did. So it became my swimming pool after while. I float in it every weekend or on hot weekends or hot days after work. It’s just a beautiful, beautiful thing to have, especially in this heat sometimes, with the low country.
It was when we finally decided on a couple people to bid the project, Mike Futeral came out to introduce himself, get things, look at the property right away. And within probably less than a week, he came out with a swimming pool plan that was on a computer, an actual mockup of what it would look like, with the fence, with the deck, with what we had existing in the back yard. Everything was done probably less than a week overall. Just a fantastic job and a quick job so our decision could be made quicker
Well, the construction process was a construction process. If you buy a swimming pool, I think you have to be ready for the construction process. But again, Aqua Blue Pools came in, with their foreman first, with Mike, to talk about every step and phase of the construction–what to expect, what not to expect. If it wasn’t for that I think the details were perfect, exactly to the plan and to the T so that all the expectations were met and probably beyond. I didn’t expect this to be an easy thing. They didn’t picture it or paint it to be the most perfect thing in the world. They told me exactly what I was going to see and what was going to happen, but assured me what was going to be at the end was going to be beautiful. And that’s what happened.
Service after the swimming pool was built is really being taken care of right now by Aqua Blue Pools, but the one thing that I wanted the most is a maintenance free pool. So all the options were out on the board, and Mike went over every option that was available and satisfied me tremendously. Maintenance free. I do have Aqua Blue Pools taking care of the chemicals to balance it out, but it would be something that, if there is anything that goes on, I have pine needles in the back, and all I have to do in the mornings, if I am going to go out there and we had a windy night or a rainy night, is just skim that quickly just to take off any-thing that I want to take off. But everything is taken care of. It’s really a maintenance free pool, which I would have never expected, but, to this day, I always tell my wife that was a good call on all of the aspects of maintenance free pools. Salt-water’s a convenience that, if you’re going to do it, you should do it with the saltwater. Never look back at that. I mean it’s just a great option.
The way we enjoy the swimming pool is most every weekend, if it’s not raining–this year it’s raining a little bit–we’ll have weekend parties where my daughter invites her friends, we invite their parents and just have a great time. I have an outdoor kitchen along with the pool so we’ll grill. The girls will be out there. My total relaxation is floating.

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