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Often when individuals become interested in adding a pool to their home or place of business, they quickly realize that there is a lot that goes into the process. When planning a pool becomes a project in and of itself, Aqua Blue offers services to help. One of our most common planning services involves a Pool Feasibility Study. The Pool Feasibility Study tends to begin with a property survey to analyze the home/business footprint, driveways/patios/decks, property lines, setbacks, flood zone and more to determine if a pool is possible, and what options are within the spectrum of possibility.

For more advanced pool projects, Aqua Blue offers Non-Standard Pool Design Consultation. This advanced form of planning is often undertaken on commercial or developer projects, however can be done for larger residential projects as well, if warranted. Non-Standard Pool Design Consultation takes pool feasibility analysis to the next step by introducing pool design, engineering, documentation, soil testing, and potentially more depending on the nature of the project. Our expert analysis will ensure that your project goes smoothly, with all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed.

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