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How To Take Care of Your Pool During The Winter

Whether you trudge through snow during winter months or live in a lukewarm climate that doesn’t often see below 30-degrees like us, properly caring for your outdoor pool should always be a top priority. That said, many pool-owners aren’t aware of how to properly maintain their pool during colder months, which has caused many rumours to circulate throughout the years. Do you cover it? Drain it? Leave it be? Your ears are constantly buzzing with pool facts, that may or may not be completely accurate. What’s definitely true is that neglecting your pool during the winter can result in expensive damages…

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Lap Pool Perks

When you think of a pool, there’s probably a specific type and shape that comes to mind. Perhaps you recall spending summer vacations lounging around a friend’s backyard pool or floating on rafts with the sun baking into your skin. Maybe you think of your local gym’s Olympic-sized swimming pool, overwhelmed with a flurry of movement from patrons getting in their daily workout. Perhaps you even dream of a lap pool in your own backyard.

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5 Benefits of a Saltwater Pool

If you’ve been researching sanitizing options for your swimming pool, you may have come across the saltwater pool versus traditional chlorine debate. While both have their pros and cons, sometimes the benefits of saltwater pools are less well known than those of traditional types. Here, we break down some of the reasons that make saltwater pools a favorite among residential pool owners!   What is a Saltwater Pool? First of all, what is a saltwater pool? If the name has you imagining a pool filled with ocean water, you’re certainly not alone. However, a saltwater inground pool is not the same thing…

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Enjoy Your Pool During the Fall

The air feels just a bit crisper, the leaves are changing, the Charleston Sweetgrass is in Fall bloom and the sun sinks below the horizon at an earlier time each day – fall has finally arrived in the Lowcountry! With the temperatures dropping, you may be wondering how you can still enjoy your pool and spa. Pool parties in the summertime may get all the glory, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy your pool during the fall as well! For starters, the Lowcountry Fall season offers up some pretty spectacular back drops to your pool setting. Feeling the chill? Cooler…

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Building a High Tech Pool with Aqua Blue Pools

Looking for a way to relieve tension after a demanding day? A custom high tech pool from Aqua Blue Pools is a great way to start. Whether you are in the market for automated cleaning mechanisms or WiFi compatible lighting, we will work with you to create the perfect blend of convenience and features for your lifestyle.

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Making Hurricane Preparations for your Pool

It is important to know the proper steps to securing your pool for the impacts of flooding and winds. Check out our comprehensive guide.

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Designing & Building a Pool in a Flood Zone

Many of Aqua Blue Pools’ pools have been built on properties in various flood zones. Learn more about what goes into building a pool in a flood zone with this Q&A guide.

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Vote for Aqua Blue Pools as Charleston’s Choice!

Once a year, the Post & Courier asks the local community to vote for their favorite businesses and service providers in the Tri-county area. The Post and Courier’s 2018 Charleston’s Choice voting celebrates customer satisfaction and loyalty for esteemed businesses in the area. We at Aqua Blue Pools are proud to announce nominations for 2018 from our customers for best Pool/Spa Service!

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Summertime Pool Maintenance Blues

In extreme heat, your pool water evaporates at a faster rate – and so are your pool chemicals. Throw in a few rain storms, sunshine, sun-tanning products, your children, and your furry friends who love to swim, and your water chemistry is out of whack!

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Add elements of water, fire to your oasis

The sound of water and the ambiance of fire are elements easily added to your home’s swimming pool design. Bobé Water & Fire Features provides Aqua Blue Pools with an array of unique water features that you can choose from. Waterfalls, fountains, scuppers, po pots, wall mounted bowls, spillways, aerators and deck jets can block unwanted outdoor noise with the calm sound of moving water. Turn up the heat with any one of Bobé’s extraordinary fire features. A fire table, pot or pit can add warmth to your yard with a welcoming glow. A series of tiki torches can light the way from pool to porch. Seven stylish finishes…

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