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from the team at Aqua Blue Pools

Swimming Pool Shocking

Shocking your pool should be a key part of your pool’s maintenance routine. If you want to swim in a crystal-clear pool free of bacteria, algae or harmful pathogens —…

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Swimming Pools and Dogs: What You Need to Know

When we say we design and build swimming pools for the whole family to enjoy, we mean the whole family — including your dog. While it’s true that all breeds…

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Different Bathhouse Cultures Around the World

Bathhouses have been around for over 3000 years and remain a popular haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. The institution can be found in countries all over the world but represents…

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How to Become a Swimming Pool Cleaner

Becoming a swimming pool cleaner with Aqua Blue Pools is an exciting opportunity with a high salary and a generous package of bonuses. It’s also an important job, as you’ll…

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What You Need to Know About Swimming Pool PH Balance

Balancing the pH level of your pool water is crucial for ensuring it is safe to swim in. pH that is too high or too low can cause serious problems…

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Water Polo Pool Guide – Dimensions & Markings

Water polo is one of the most popular water sports in the US. The men’s and women’s water polo teams have competed in every Olympic Games, with the women’s team…

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What Should I Landscape Around My Pool?

A luxury backyard pool is more than just the pool itself. The landscaping surrounding your pool is just as important for providing a luxury experience. At Aqua Blue Pools, we…

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Why Has My Pool Turned Green This Winter?

By not using your pool in the winter you may expect it to keep exactly how you left it. However, when you return to your pool as the weather gets…

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How to Backwash Your Pool Filter

Your pool filter cleans your pool — but what cleans the pool filter? Backwashing is a simple process that keeps your pool filter clean and functional. By backwashing your pool…

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What’s the Difference Between an Inground Pool and a Semi-inground Pool?

Homeowners looking to buy a pool typically choose between two types: above-ground pools and inground pools. But did you know there is another option? Semi-inground pools give you the best…

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