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Master Pools Guild 2017 Top Trends & Award Winning Design

A proud member of the Master Pools Guild, Aqua Blue Pools shares the guild’s 2017 top trends and award-winning designs. Find inspiration for outdoor living, water and fire features, lighting and tile; insider tips and expert information.

Gallery of Master Guild

Gallery of Master Pools

This palette of poolscape ideas, as created by Master Pools builders from around the world, is brought to you by the Master Pools Guild. Water has a sensory magic that appeals to us all in an ever-changing way — from its sparkling appearance and comforting embrace to its spectrum of musical sounds. Nothing can be […]

2016 top 10 trends in swimming pool design master pools guild

2016 Top Ten Trends In Swimming Pool & Spa Design

After the enormous response we received from our 2014 & 2015 Trends eBooks, we wanted to keep the tradition going. So again, we polled the members of the Master Pools Guild for their insights into what today’s consumer is seeking when working with a designer to create the world’s most beautiful poolscapes. The members of the Master […]

Top 10 Swimming Pool Remodel Trends

Water features are very versatile and can be an economical means of customizing your pool scape. Whether your goal is a look of beauty and elegance or a fun and carefree spirit, there are water features available to fit any design criteria and budget!

Wet Edge The Next Generation Interior Finishes

Wet Edge Technologies Interior Finishes

The Wet Edge Technologies story began years ago as our leader, Laurence Turley, started his career as a metallurgical process consultant for mining companies. His work centered on metal extraction from mineral ores, with emphasis on chemical and mechanical flow sheet design efficiency. Laurence never settled on the status quo and was always improving on […]

Pool Finishes

Understanding Wet Edge Swimming Pool Finish Products

Choosing a pool finish from over 70 product colors can be a daunting task. In this short video we identify the types of pool finishes offered by Wet Edge Technologies. Our six product lines fall into three pool finish categories: plaster, pebble and polished surfaces. Deciding on a finish type can narrow down the selection […]

How to choose your Pool Water Color

For some choosing a water color can be an agonizing decision. You’ve probably made a hundred decisions already when it comes to the construction of your swimming pool. The pool finish however is probably one of the most important choices you will make for your swimming pool. Not only for the aesthetics, but also the […]

How To Choose Water Color

Watch Video of How to Choose A Water Color

Wet Edge Technologies interviews pool designers and gets their opinion on swimming pool water color.

Aqua Blue Pools Commercial Screenshot

Aqua Blue Pools Introduces the IntelliChem Swimming Pool Chemical Management System

Aqua Blue Pools, the Lowcountry’s most sought after swimming pool company, now offers the IntelliChem swimming pool chemical management system…. a product which helps prevent harmful corrosion, scaling, and bacteria growth…. keeping your pool healthy and safe for you and your family to swim in. So how does the intellichem work? The IntelliChem automatically monitors […]

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