How To Take Care of Your Pool During The Winter

Whether you trudge through snow during winter months or live in a lukewarm climate that doesn’t often see below 30-degrees like us, properly caring for your outdoor pool should always be a top priority.

That said, many pool-owners aren’t aware of how to properly maintain their pool during colder months, which has caused many rumours to circulate throughout the years.

Do you cover it? Drain it? Leave it be?

Your ears are constantly buzzing with pool facts, that may or may not be completely accurate.

What’s definitely true is that neglecting your pool during the winter can result in expensive damages due to cold temperatures and possible contamination of your water. Preparing for freezing temperatures and maintaining your pool year-round will end up saving both you and your wallet a few headaches later on – everyone wins.

We know that some of you reading this might already have a pool cleaner – who takes care of your pool throughout the year. But if they are away for the winter, or you don’t have a pool cleaner, this quick guide will make it easier for you to look after your pool in the winter.

Protect your pool during the winter
The experts at Aqua Blue Pools are here to set the record straight. Find out how exactly you should care for your outdoor pool during winter months:

1. Cover Your Pool

The easiest way to avoid damage to your pool during the winter is to properly cover your pool with either a water bag winter cover, fitted winter cover or a safety cover.

Protecting your pool with a cover comes down to more than just the inconvenience of fishing out debris while it’s freezing out.

Leaves, tree branches and ice can cause serious and costly damage to your pool liner and even stain your pool wall. The experts at Aqua Blue Pools can help you properly install a pool cover to protect your pool for the colder weather that’s still headed our way.

2. Frequently Check Pool Parts

Unlike the time of year you use your pool, your actual pool parts don’t have an off season. Mechanical pool parts need maintenance year-round to keep them in working condition. Take a look at your pool pump, heater and filter often to ensure all parts are working properly.

Waiting until warmer days to check on the mechanics of your pool can result in costly repairs.

It’s also important to check for excess water around all pool parts before freezing temperatures hit. Excess water can freeze around your pipes and cause them to crack, which just leads to more dollar signs come springtime.

3. Keep Water Balanced

The large majority of pool owners do not drain their pools when winter rolls around. However, just because your pool is covered up does not mean you don’t need to continue to chemically balance water to keep your pool healthy.

Every two months you should check pool chemistry to prevent algae and bacteria growth. If your pool is left untreated for the season, it could end up requiring professional care if contaminates develop all winter. Keep your pool water clean so that it’s ready to go when the temperature rises!

For more information on how to care for your pool during the winter or to find out about pool maintenance visits, contact professionals at Aqua Blue Pools.

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