Outdoor Living Whilst Staying at Home

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect almost every aspect of our lives, people are still staying at home to protect themselves until the all-clear is given. However, staying at home almost 24/7 presents a fresh set of challenges, particularly regarding our mental health, as spending time outdoors is a great way to lift our moods.

In this article, Aqua Blue Pools will look at how you can still experience some of the joys of outdoor living whilst having to remain at home.


Teach your kids to swim

If you’re staying at home, then you’ve got plenty of time to get acquainted with your swimming pool. For people with young children, now could be the time to teach them to swim! With some water wings and other flotation aids, plus a bit of patience, you can help your child learn the basics of swimming. As well as being immensely rewarding for both parent and child, it’s an incredible bonding experience, too.

Family in swimming pool

Teach your kids to cook

Outdoor cooking is one of life’s simple pleasures – a BBQ in the backyard with friends and family is a wonderful way to spend a summer evening, and since you’re staying at home, why not start your kids culinary journey? Of course, you won’t be teaching them to slow-cook a rack of ribs, but basic cooking techniques can be taught on any outdoor kitchen or BBQ, and it’s a brilliant family activity.

Supervising your kids as they learn to grill a burger or a hot dog on a hot day is a treat for all the family. What’s more, you can help your kids create their own post-swim snacks!


Gardening and planting

As your backyard is going to provide a valuable outdoor space, it’s important that it looks its best at all times. Using the stay-at-home period to renovate your yard is a super way to pass time and even add value to your home; from planting new shrubs to doing some landscaping work, there’s plenty of things a budding gardener can do. Gardening is a perfect past-time for outdoor living whilst staying at home!


Family games

If you’ve got a pool, you’ve got the perfect place for some family games. Volleyball is synonymous with summer, and it’s fun for all the family! Smaller kids can go on the taller folks’ shoulders, so they can join in the game. There are plenty of accessories you can get for your pool to add extra fun – basketball hoops and slides can provide hours of excitement.

Boy playing with ball in pool

Keeping fit

There are so many ways you can keep fit in your backyard. From swimming laps of your pool to getting up with the sun and doing some yoga, all this free time can be put to good use. Even if you don’t have the biggest backyard, there are plenty of exercises you can do – consider High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts; these are incredible for burning calories and increasing fitness, and they only need around 20 minutes of your time per day!

To make the most of staying at home, utilize your backyard. From volleyball in the pool to BBQs and gardening, there’s so much you can do to keep busy, keep your mood positive and maintain you and your family’s physical and mental health.

Aqua Blue Pools are proud to provide stunning swimming pools for customers throughout the South Carolina Lowcountry. In fact, we’re the only Master Pool Builder in the region, so you can expect stunning quality from us from start to finish.

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