What’s the Difference Between an Inground Pool and a Semi-inground Pool?

Homeowners looking to buy a pool typically choose between two types: above-ground pools and inground pools. But did you know there is another option?

Semi-inground pools give you the best of both worlds: the installation speed of above-ground pools plus the premium aesthetic of an inground pool. And there are plenty of other benefits, too. But is a semi-inground pool right for you, or would you prefer the more traditional, inground option? Find out which type of pool you should go for in this article.

What is an inground pool?

Simply put, an inground pool is a pool that has been built into the ground so that the top of the walls sit flush with your lawn. Inground pools are the most common types of backyard pools and often favoured for their sleek aesthetic and longevity. However, inground pools are also the most expensive type of pool and can take weeks or months to install.

Inground Pools

What is a semi-inground pool?

Unlike traditional above-ground pools that require no digging whatsoever, semi-inground pools are built partially into the ground. How far into the ground the pool is built will vary from pool to pool and is something you should consider if you choose to go down this route.

Semi-inground Pools

There are also above ground pools – checkout our article for inground vs above ground pools for more information.

What are the benefits of an inground pool?

Inground pools are the most popular type of backyard pool — and it’s easy to see why. Inground pools have a variety of advantages over their above-ground and semi-inground counterparts.

Pool water temperature regulation

Traditional inground pools are better at maintaining the temperature of the water due to less of the pool being exposed to the open air. If using an above-ground or semi-inground pool, you may find that you are heating or cooling your pool water more regularly, which can be costly in the long run.

Flush, premium aesthetic

Inground pools are widely considered to have the best aesthetic. They sit flush with the lawn, meaning you don’t have any bulky pool walls protruding out from the ground. They aren’t limited by shape, meaning you can choose a pool in an unorthodox shape.

Less maintenance

Because fewer parts of the pools are exposed to the elements, inground pools tend to have the longest lifespan of the three pools. They don’t require as much maintenance as their counterparts, which can help to reduce costs in the long run.

Can be sloped, creating a shallow and deep end

Having one pool with a shallow end and a deeper end is extremely advantageous for families with young children or weaker swimmers. This is a benefit usually only enjoyed by those with an inground pool.

What are the benefits of a semi-inground pool?

Despite often being left out of the conversation, semi-inground pools have a surprising number of benefits that make them ideal for homeowners across the country.

Quicker and more affordable installation

A hugely appealing benefit of the semi-inground pool is that they cost less to install. Because the installation only requires partial digging into the ground, the installation process is easier, quicker and, therefore, cheaper. Installation is typically completed in just a few days for a semi-inground pool, unlike a fully inground pool which can take weeks or months to complete.

Flexibility in design

While inground pools are more suitable for creating pools in unique shapes, they are limited with what can be installed around the pool due to the walkway space required for the edge of the pool. This is where semi-inground pools shine. Semi-inground pools are perfect for building a surrounding deck or adding some patio stones.

Adjustable height

You have control over how deep into the ground you wish your pool to be. This flexibility allows you to adjust the height of your semi-inground pool to meet your patio or deck, giving you a similar ‘flush’ aesthetic as an inground pool.

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