Concrete Pools vs Fiberglass Pools

So, you’ve decided to buy a swimming pool. An excellent decision, but one that comes with a few extra choices to be made, and we’re not just talking about how many water slides you want.

Choosing the right material for your pool is an important process, and in this article, Aqua Blue Pools are going to talk you through it. We are master craftsmen when it comes to pool design and pool builds, contact our team today to start your project.

Pool Cost

The first thing to establish in this category is the difference between the cost of purchase and the total cost of ownership. In the first instance, the initial costs of concrete and fiberglass pools are not that different, but there’s one or two mitigating factors that can affect the cost of ownership.

Concrete pools are more susceptible to algae, which means you’re more likely to have to spend money on chemical treatments, but this does not necessarily mean a large outlay. Another factor that can increase the ownership cost of your pool is the extra features you add to it – think slides, jacuzzis, and other additions that might drive the cost up.

Pool Build

The build process of a fiberglass pool is much quicker than its concrete counterpart. The main reason for the speed of the build is that the form of the pool is pre-built, whereas concrete pools require the base to be poured into place, much like any concrete project such as a patio, a driveway or building foundations.

Building a Concrete Pool

It can take a few days to build a fiberglass pool, but a few weeks to build a concrete one – of course, these build periods are heavily dependent on the weather.

Pool Style and Design

There is no doubt that concrete pools are better suited to custom designs than fiberglass pools. As mentioned above, the concrete needs to be poured into place, which means they can be poured into any shape, suiting your exact needs. Fiberglass pool shells are pre-built, which does save time, but it also means you don’t have as many options for customization.

Once designed and built, you’ll find that your pool looks magnificent, regardless of the material it is made from. Pool designers like Aqua Blue Pools know exactly how to create pools that look fantastic and function perfectly.

Building a Fiberglass Pool


Both fiberglass and concrete pools score very highly for longevity. While you may need to treat your concrete pool for algae every once in a while, both types of pool are relatively low-maintenance; regular cleaning to fish out debris from the pool and to ensure the drainage is working correctly is all they need. In terms of potential risks, fiberglass pools can be damaged by the earth shifting when draining the pool – however, as long as you do this carefully and follow the correct procedure, this shouldn’t be a problem.

All in all, the concrete vs fiberglass debate can be settled by preference. Both types have their own benefits and places where they excel, but you can be sure that whether you choose a concrete pool or a fiberglass pool, you’ll be making a very shrewd investment.

Aqua Blue Pools are proud to be South Carolina’s best pool builders, creating bespoke designs and building the most beautiful pools to suit all manner of specifications and requirements. If you’d like us to build your dream pool, then let’s get started: get in touch today and our friendly team will be happy to help.


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