How Deep Should My Pool Be?

The depth of your pool will dictate who can use it and what it can be used for. Too shallow and your activities will be limited. Too deep and it may become dangerous for small children or weaker swimmers.

To get the most out of your stunning backyard pool, make sure you choose the most suitable depth for you and your family.

Dive into this article to find out which depth is right for you.

What types of pools are there?

Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes, and the type of pool you get may dictate how deep your pool can be. Some pools are built for multiple depths, whereas others are better suited to single depths. Before going ahead with your pool building project, ensure the type of pool you’re looking for is suitable for your required depth(s).

Here at Aqua Blue Pools, we offer all the following residential pools:

Alongside out new pool constructions, we also provide Pool Renovation services – if your pool is outdated, or you want some new features, our team can help give it a face-lift.

Are there any laws for maximum pool depth?

There are no laws regarding how deep your pool must be.

The only regulation to consider is that if you wish to have a diving board built onto your pool, the deepest end must be at least 8ft deep.

What is the recommended pool depth for a family pool?

If you have children, it’s important to offer a large shallow area where they can play safely. For the shallow area, we recommend a depth of between 2.5-3.5ft. The pool should also slope from shallow to deep at a gentle rate, so as to avoid any sudden drops. If your children are very young, you may consider building a separate children’s pool for them to use.

What is the recommended pool depth for an adults-only pool?

If you don’t have any children, you might wish to minimize the shallow end and make the entirety of the pool between 3.5ft-6ft deep. This would be useful for swimming laps, but it’s important to consider anyone who might be using your pool who isn’t the most confident of swimmers.

How Deep Should My Pool Be? Aqua Blue Pools Graphic

What is the recommended depth for pool activities?

The depth of your pool will largely depend on what you intend to use it for.


If you plan on just relaxing in your pool, we recommend a depth of between 3-4ft. This will be deep enough for you to casually swim around while still being able to touch the bottom of the pool.


Tanning ledges are typically around 0.75-1.5ft — enough to enjoy the pool without submerging your body.


If you’re keen to use your pool for diving, the diving board must be over the deep end with a pool depth of at least 8ft.

Swimming Laps

You’ll want to minimize the shallow end as much as possible to elongate the swimming area. We recommend a depth of 4-6ft. Another good option for swimming laps is to opt for an L shaped pool, with a shallower area on the shorter side and a depth of between 4-6ft on the longer side.

Multiple Purposes

If you intend on using your pool for multiple purposes, consider a multi-depth pool. This offers various depths across different areas of the pool.

By choosing an artisan pool builder, you can get your dream pool built to the exact specifications you need. Aqua Blue Pools are backyard pool builders with over 100 years of combined service and countless awards.

We can help bring your dream pool to life, complete with the exact depths you need to enjoy your pool, and keep all swimmers safe. Contact our experts and we’ll help find the perfect size, style, and depth for your new pool. We serve customers across South Carolina SC.

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