Inground Pool Decking Options

Decking is the perfect addition to your backyard pool – in fact, often more fun takes place around the pool than in it! It provides the perfect party spot, offering space for lounge chairs, sun umbrellas, barbecues and more. When considering the kind of decking you’d like for your pool, it’s important to consider which materials you’d like your decking to be constructed from. 

There are a number of different factors that should be considered before choosing your decking: aesthetic, price, safety and maintenance to name a few. With this in mind, Aqua Blue Pools is here with a helpful guide on decking surfaces, so you can make the best choice for your backyard.


The main benefit of concrete lies in its versatility; with a bit of color and texture, you can create just about any look you like. As well as being cost-effective, concrete is also incredibly durable and you can be sure it will last for years of pool parties to come! However, concrete is also susceptible to heat and temperature changes which can cause cracking. You should consult a specialist and get control joints added to remedy this problem.

Freeform Fiberglass Backyard Pool Close View


Wood is often the first choice for pool decking due to the warm and natural look it provides. Depending on budget, there are many different wood varieties available – the options for styles and patterns are endless. Wood is also easy to work with and simple to install; this means a number of additional modifications can be made such as different levels or in-built seating and storage. 

There are a few disadvantages of wood decking to consider, one of which being that it is a high maintenance material. To prevent rotting and splintering, your decking should be stained, oiled and sanded annually. 

Inground pool with wooden decking

Wood Composite

Wood composites comprise high-density polyethylene and wood particles. These are then blended with preservatives and binders to create a handy construction material, famed for its strength and durability. Wood composite decking is also much less prone to rotting so requires less seasonal maintenance; a rinse every so often should keep it looking new for years to come.

Inground pool with a composite wood decking


Precast pavers are a highly practical surface; they are slip-resistant and drain water well between seams. Pavers can be made of a number of materials, most commonly concrete, stone or wood. One disadvantage is the complex preparation they require prior to installation;  the whole surface must be level and a permanent border must be fitted to prevent shifting.

Pool House with an Infinity Pool


Bricks offer a traditional and rustic aesthetic to any backyard pool. They are an impermeable surface, making them easy to maintain as stains can be easily washed away. However, you should be vigilant of moss and algae growing, especially during cold conditions. This isn’t just an aesthetic issue, it’s a safety one as well; moss covered bricks can be slippery and have the potential to cause an accident.

Inground pool with a brick deck


Tiles are often used in the construction of inground pools, therefore using tiles for your decking material can create a seamless transition from surface to pool. One advantage of tiles is that they are highly customisable and available in so many different colors and styles; you can even create a themed mosaic! 

One drawback of tiled decking is the price; ceramic tiles can be expensive, as can the complex installation process. Furthermore, tiles need regular maintenance to prevent the grouting looking dirty over time.

Inground pool with a tile decking

Aqua Blue Pools has been creating custom pools in homes and commercial properties across South Carolina for over 30 years. As the only master pool builder in the state, you can be sure of the highest-quality workmanship from our experienced staff. We also offer pool renovation and maintenance services to get your backyard pool in top shape ready for summer!

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