What is an Infinity Pool?

The name is dramatic and the look certainly lives up to the name, but what exactly is an infinity pool? In this article, the team at Aqua Blue Pools will give you the lowdown on all things infinity pool and help you decide whether or not it’s the right choice for your backyard oasis.

Why are infinity pools called infinity pools?

The name comes, unsurprisingly, from the way the pool looks. The lack of a traditional pool border on one side means that the water flows over the edge, creating a sense of endless water to swim in. This look is best achieved by pools that sit in front of a backdrop of blue sky – the ‘edge’ of the pool will blend seamlessly into the setting, emphasizing the ‘infinite’ effect.

What is an infinity pool?

How does an infinity pool work?

The water that flows over the edge of the pool doesn’t just fall to the floor, leaving a puddle, or drop on the heads of people who happen to be walking below a roof-top installation.

Infinity pools make use of a ‘catch basin’ along the exterior base of the pool wall – this catches the water that falls from the edge, before recirculating it into the main pool to maintain the ‘infinite’ supply of water.

The catch basin is completely hidden from sight from the three other sides of the pool, which helps to maintain the illusion and deliver the seamless, stunning look that makes infinity pools so attractive.

How does an infinity pool work?

How do I take care of an infinity pool?

Infinity pools require regular upkeep to ensure they’re working safely and properly.

Some of you reading this employ a pool cleaner who looks after your pool – but if they are away for the holidays, or you don’t employ a pool cleaner, take a look at our simple checks below.

  • The catch basin will need cleaning to allow it to pump the water as required, and to ensure that it’s not pumping dirty water back into the pool.
  • The drain needs to be clear to avoid the risk of blockages. Blockages can result in backups, which can then result in leaks and flooding.
  • Make sure to top up the water levels when necessary. The catch basin will collect most of the water, but some will inevitably splash out, and some will evaporate. Topping up the water level helps keep the pool full.
  • pH levels are crucial to the hygiene of your infinity pool. Check the pH balance regularly as well as the chlorine content – if there is too much chlorine in the pool, refrain from adding more for a while and continue to use the pool; this will reduce the levels naturally, as will sunlight. You can use chlorine tablets or liquid/powder to increase the chlorine levels if they are too low.
  • Make sure that the pump is in good, safe working order. If there is visible damage, if the water isn’t pumping as it should, or if it’s making unusual noises, consult professional advice to resolve the issue.

An infinity pool is a luxury that enhances any property. From the soothing sounds of your own personal waterfall to the unique visuals the missing edge provides, there’s so much to love about an infinity pool.

Take a look at some of the amazing infinity pools we design and build in our Pool Gallery!

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