Why ‘Fast-Building’ Isn’t Better: The Importance of Meticulous Pool Construction

Porch with lounge chairs and grill area overlooking backyard pool

Photo courtesy of Patrick Brickman and Charleston Home + Design Magazine  

In this world of next-day deliveries and instant gratification, it’s tempting to opt for quick solutions, even when it comes to building a custom pool. However, “fast” does not equal “efficient.” Cutting corners may save time upfront but it could cost you so much more when easily-avoidable issues later arise. At Aqua Blue Pools, we firmly believe that quality should never be sacrificed for speed. 

Cutting Corners Leads to Complications

Whether it be financial, emotional or time-related, your custom pool is an investment. Ensuring you get the job done is not enough. It is imperative you get the job done correctly. By avoiding fast building, you can also avoid these common (and costly) pitfalls:

  • Compromised Structural Integrity: Rushing through the construction process may lead to shortcuts that compromise the structural integrity of the installation. This can result in issues such as leaks, cracks and uneven settling over time.
  • Subpar Materials: Fast-building can mean cutting corners when it comes to materials selection. Using subpar materials may initially lower costs but can lead to the financial burdens of repairs and replacements down the line.
  • Lack of Attention to Detail: Building a custom pool requires careful planning and execution. Speeding through the procedure can result in oversights and mistakes that detract from the overall quality and aesthetics of the finished product.
  • Limited Customization Options: Fast building may also limit your options for customization, as builders prioritize speed over design flexibility. This can result in a cookie-cutter pool that fails to reflect your unique vision and preferences.

A quality pool-building partner will understand this and prioritize craftsmanship in every aspect of the process to avoid these issues that expedient building may yield.

The Benefits of a Steady Approach

There’s no substitute for a deliberate and intentional approach to pool design and construction. By taking the time to carefully consider every detail, our team at Aqua Blue Pools ensures that your project unfolds seamlessly.

We prioritize thorough planning and meticulous attention to detail. This allows us to consider all aspects of your project, from site logistics to material selection, aligning every element. Function and aesthetics are given equal weight, ensuring your oasis not only looks beautiful but also achieves peak performance for years to come.

By executing each project with a steady hand, we can more easily avoid complications of rushed construction, such as oversights and costly rework. Our methods ensure that each phase of the project proceeds smoothly and according to the timeline.

This approach also allows ample time for communication and collaboration, ensuring that all parties are aligned and working toward a common goal of delivering a superior product.

Prepare For Aqua Blue Excellence

As the Lowcountry’s premier custom pool builder, Aqua Blue Pools is ready to help you realize the pool of your dreams. Since 1991, our team has built pools in a range of styles for residential and commercial clients in South Carolina. We are proud to work closely with our clients to create and execute impressive custom projects built to last. Contact us today to begin planning your oasis!


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