You cleaned my pool but it’s dirty again

We know how frustrating it can be to keep your pool clean, but did you know that rain and wind have the biggest impact on a backyard pool?

How rain and wind impact your swimming pool or spa between cleanings

One minute your swimming pool is crystal clear. Then in a matter of seconds, a gust of wind blows leaves and other debris into your pool, sending them sinking to the bottom. By the time you get home, it looks like your inground pool was never cleaned. While frustrating, it’s a normal occurrence.

Part of owning a pool or spa is learning how to deal with everything Mother Nature might throw at (or in) it. While regularly scheduled pool cleaning by a professional can keep your pool or spa pristine, the elements aren’t subject to the routine you have in place. Rarely are the impacts of rain and wind taken into consideration when it comes to your pool or spa’s clean appearance and water chemistry.

Rain can dirty your pool

Rain and wind, especially during the Spring and Fall, negatively affect your pool or spa in a number of ways. It’s not detrimental, but if not addressed between cleanings it can certainly be problematic.

Rain can be acidic so it may offset your water’s pH and alkaline levels. A pool or spa should have a pH level of 7.4 to 7.6. While some rain has a pH level around 5.0, heavy rainfall may lower the pH balance of your water.

Rain may also dilute the chemicals that sanitize, disinfect and clarify your pool or spa.

Your pool filter could be clogged

Pollen, dust, algae spores and other organic matter from bushes, trees and lawns may be blown into your pool or spa, scattering along the surface and floor. If bushes or trees surround your pool or spa, its susceptibility to contaminants is even greater. Not only can your water chemistry be thrown off balance, but your filter can become clogged.

Protect your investment

In between pool cleanings, especially during the Spring and Fall, we recommend you do the following:

  • Check your pool or spa daily
  • If there is debris, take your skimmer net and glide it along the surface and/or floor of your pool or spa to remove the debris
  • Empty out your skimmer basket
  • If you have a robotic cleaner, allow it to operate at all times when your pool is not in use
  • If you see that the cleaner’s bag is full, empty the bag
  • Balance your chemicals

A little TLC from you and regularly scheduled pool cleanings from Aqua Blue Pools will keep your pool or spa crystal clear all year long.

Contact our experts at Aqua Blue Pools today to see how we can help you.

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