New Technology to Upgrade your Pool

We know, it’s still cold and swimming might be low on your list of things to do, but the colder months are a good time to start considering how you can make your pool more enjoyable, easier to use, and how you can bring your pool into the age of connectivity.

Technology and innovation have permeated the pool industry and we wanted to share a few things that could make your pool experience more enjoyable, entertaining and easier.


Ozone – UV

If there is a concern about chlorine sanitization or searching for a greener alternative, one of the best alternative sanitizers on the market is UV. Ultraviolet (UV) pool sanitizers utilize germicidal UV light rays to sanitize water. Ultraviolet pool sanitizers emit a high intensity germicidal light ray that alters or disrupts targeted organisms such as algae, bacteria, viruses, cysts and protozoa.

The UV sanitizing lamp is housed in an industrial housing optimized for high flow rates. A highly specialized quartz glass sleeve protects the lamp from passing water while transmitting 99.9% of the UV light.

The highly concentrated electromagnetic energy destroys organic matter and eliminates the formation of dangerous chlorine by-products called chloramines that commonly lead to red, stinging eyes, skin irritations, asthma and allergies. This energy penetrates the cell walls of bacteria, viruses, algae, cysts and all pathogens.

Ultraviolet is considered the best available technology for swimming pool disinfection. Studies show that in chemical disinfection, 90% of the chemicals are used for oxidation, and 10% for sanitation. Ultraviolet does both.

Ozone’s use of UV sanitization is a game changer in terms of keeping your pool clean and safe for those within it. The effectiveness of the UV rays in destroying bacteria and eliminating contaminants is unmatched, and so it’s a must-have for your pool.

Pool Automation

Pool automation with the touch of a button

This is probably the most exciting option. Most of our new pools have automation, which allows control of the pool features from a wall mounted or wireless controller. You are able to change the settings, schedules and turn on all the lights, heater cleaner, deck jets etc., at your desire. Older pools have the option to add automation.

We can replace the old time clock with a new subpanel and get you the ability to sit on the deck and press buttons – and we all know guys like to press buttons; TV remote as a prime example. No more going over, up or down to where the equipment is located. If there is an attached spa, no more manually switching the valves to isolate the spa.

We can add automated valves with the automation, connect the heater and with the touch of one button, the spa will come on and start heating. The options available for automation are almost endless.

Smart Phone Control

In the age of smartphones, tablets and The Internet of Things, so many of our household items can ‘speak’ or interact with each other; smart TVs, smart refrigerators, and now, smart pools! Every manufacturer has an upgrade available to be connected through the home’s Wi-Fi, and once the app is on your phone, you are able to control things remotely.

This feature is especially useful for vacation homes and rentals, allowing you full control while away. Imagine: you’re just about to arrive at the house and it’s been a long day. When you’re about 30 minutes away you can turn on the spa and start the heating, so all you need to do is sink into the soothing water when you arrive home.

Smart phone pool controls

Alternatively, when you want that late evening swim but the water is a bit cold, just turn on your heater a few hours before you arrive and you’ll be met with a pool of the perfect temperature, waiting for you to take a dip. The level of flexibility is incredible and once you experience this level of control, your will wonder why it took so long.

If you have a smartphone or a tablet, then making use of the connectivity upgrade for your pool is a no-brainer. What may seem like minor changes – setting the temperature before you get home, scheduling the spa to turn on when you walk through the door – will add an extra level of luxury to your pool.

Pool Renovations

Aqua Blue Pools, the largest pool building, design and service company in the area performs dozens of renovations/rehabs per year. Plaster finishes hold their beauty for 8-10 years; even if the plaster looks okay, maybe it’s time to change the color, expand the decking, add a spa, waterfall, fire pit or anything else that will give your pool a new lease of life.

Pool Renovation After Shot - Luxury Geometric Backyard Pool

Aqua Blue Pools’ sales and design team can transform your yard into the oasis of your dreams. Whether it’s a 3000 gallon spool (the size of a large spa/small pool) or is a 45,000 gallon bring-the-entire-family pool, the sky’s the limit. Just reach out to our office and let us know you’re considering a remodel and our sales and design team can meet with you, embrace your ideas and introduce you to things you never knew you wanted or needed.

Your pool is the focal point of your backyard, and just like any part of your home, it can benefit from some renovations every once in a while. If you feel you’d like to take your pool to the next level, then the experts at Aqua Blue Pools are here to bring your ideas to life.

We hope that these ideas gave you some food for thought and know that Aqua Blue Pools would be so grateful to bring your dreams to reality.

We are so thankful that your family is part of ours.

Aqua Blue Pools are South Carolina’s leading pool builders. As members of the Master Pools Guild,  we’re renowned for our professionalism, our incredible builds and our commitment to our customers.

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