Simple and Clean: 6 Tips for a Pristine Pool Area

Image Courtesy of: Camens Architectural Group

A beautiful, well-maintained pool area can create a haven for relaxation. However, a picture-perfect backdrop can quickly become a cluttered nightmare without proper organization and upkeep. To ensure your custom pool remains a delightful oasis, we’ve compiled a list of clever hacks and tips to keep it pristine and ready to refresh. 

Simple Strategies For a Pristine Pool Area

A well-organized pool area enhances its visual appeal and ensures a safe and enjoyable environment for all. By incorporating these strategies into your poolside routine, you can maintain a neat, clutter-free oasis that will be a year-round joy to use.

Create Dedicated Storage Spaces

One of the most effective ways to keep your pool area tidy is to provide dedicated storage spaces for floats, toys and other equipment. Tackle this issue by investing in smart storage solutions, such as weather-resistant deck boxes or storage benches, that can neatly store pool accessories nearby yet out of sight.

Implement a Shoe Station

While a manicured lawn can elevate your backyard, leftover grass can track into your pool area and reduce the luxurious atmosphere you’ve curated. Stop grass clippings, dirt and more from entering your waters by establishing a shoe station with a decorative basket or shoe rack near the entrance. This simple hack not only keeps the area clean but also prevents slipping hazards caused by wet footwear.

Set Up a Rinse Station

Setting up a rinse station is another effective strategy in the battle against unwelcome mess. Rinse stations near the pool entrance provide guests with a convenient and effective method of removing debris before it can invade your pool. Set up a garden hose or an outdoor shower with a foot rinse to allow swimmers to wash off before entering the area. 

Implement a Maintenance Schedule

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep your pool area pristine. Create an upkeep schedule that includes skimming the surface, checking and cleaning the pool filter, testing and adjusting chemicals, and regularly sweeping or blowing off the pool deck/area. 

Organize Pool Chemicals

Proper pool maintenance requires the use of various chemicals. To avoid confusion and potential hazards, organize these chemicals in a designated storage area away from children and pets. Use labeled containers and shelves to keep everything in order, and follow safety guidelines when handling pool chemicals.

Install a Poolside Bar

Keep your area clutter-free by setting up a designated poolside bar. This will prevent food and drink containers from scattering around the pool deck. Use a small outdoor cart or table to hold refreshments, cups, and snacks. Not only does it reduce mess, but it also adds a touch of luxury to your pool area.

Find Clarity In Our Pool Design Process

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