Swimming Pools and Dogs: What You Need to Know

When we say we design and build swimming pools for the whole family to enjoy, we mean the whole family — including your dog.

While it’s true that all breeds can go swimming in the pool safely, some might be more keen than others. But even if your pet is apprehensive about taking to the water, a little encouragement can go a long way. Over time, they’ll almost certainly love it.

In this article, we go over some of the most common tips for helping your pup stay safe in the pool.

Swimming pools and dogs

Is it safe for dogs to swim in chlorine pools?

While chlorine in large doses can be harmful to both dogs and humans, the amount of chlorine found in a regularly maintained backyard pool is safe. In fact, swimming in a chlorinated pool is typically far safer than swimming in a river or lake.

Remember to keep all the chemicals used to maintain your pool out of reach of your pets.

Don’t be alarmed if you notice your dog drinking chlorinated water. While we certainly wouldn’t encourage it, it’s perfectly safe for your dog to drink the water in moderate amounts.


Tips for keeping your dog safe in the pool

Swimming pools and dogs

The following are some tips to ensure your pup stays safe in the water.

  • Keep them supervised

While dogs do have a natural ability to swim, it’s best to keep an eye on them while they’re in the pool. You can never know when an emergency situation might occur. Even if your dog is a seasoned swimmer, you should never let your dog swim alone.

  • Teach the dog to swim and get out of the pool

A dog that is nervous about swimming can easily be taught and motivated. Simply carry your dog into the pool and gently low them into the water. When the dog swims successfully, praise him to condition his actions.


It’s also important to teach the dog how to exit the pool. While jumping in may be easy, getting out can be a little trickier. To help, lower your dog into the pool from different points and guide them towards the exit.

  • Give your dog a shower or bath after leaving the pool

Make sure you thoroughly wash your pet down after each session in the pool to remove all the excess chlorine from their coat. 

  • Is your dog still struggling to swim? Consider a life vest

Doggy life vests are the perfect way to give your pup the extra support they need. The vest aids your dog’s ability to float in the water and will build their confidence to become a stronger swimmer.

  • Beware of dog hair buildup in the pool filters

Dogs shed far more than humans and their hairs can quickly build up in the pool filters, leading to a range of complications. If your pet is going to be swimming in the pool frequently, it’s important to clean out the filters on a more regular basis to prevent pet hair from building up in the filters. You can also delegate this task to a professional as part of your regular pool maintenance package.


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