Blue Space Theory: The Impact of Water on Our Well-Being

Backyard pool overlooking the marsh with lounge chairs and palm trees

Image courtesy of Simspon Construction.

Do you feel at peace when you look out at the sea? Does the cascading sound of your pool’s water features lull you into a relaxed state? We wouldn’t be surprised. From weekends at the lakehouse to boarding Carnival cruises, humankind has long sought tranquility at the water’s edge. This mental wellness we feel when we get there is thought to be the effect of “Blue Space Theory.”

What is Blue Space Theory?

Our custom pool builders understand that water is not merely an element; it is a transformative force in luxury living. That’s why we believe blue spaces are vital in any home’s design. 

Blue space” refers to the water in our environments — oceans, rivers, lakes or even fountains, ponds and, of course, pools — and its significant impact on our mental and physical health. 

Blue Space Theory is rooted in environmental psychology, focusing on the interaction between humans and these beautiful oases. While still being studied, this theory posits that bodies of water have a tangible effect on our overall health and well-being, enhancing calmness, reducing anxiety and promoting physical activity.

Scientific Proof Behind Your Pool’s Benefits

While many of us know there’s serenity in a Lowcountry poolside afternoon, you do not only have to take our word for it. Scientists have dived into this phenomenon for themselves to find proof behind your custom pool’s beneficial effects.

For instance, one of the largest studies, conducted in the U.K., analyzed data on the moods of more than 20,000 people. Using a cellphone app to track participants’ locations and asking about their sense of well-being in each, researchers found that they were (unsurprisingly) at their happiest when closest to marine and coastal environments.

But why? Catherine Kelly, author of “Blue Spaces: How & Why Water Can Make You Feel Better,” says that gazing over these vast spaces helps us put our problems into perspective. Blue Space has been shown to offer the following benefits:

  • Mental Health Improvements: Exposure to blue spaces has been linked with reductions in psychological stress, anxiety and depression. The natural tranquility of water can create a soothing environment that facilitates mental recovery and emotional stability.
  • Enhanced Physical Health: Areas near water often encourage physical activities such as walking, swimming and cycling. Regular engagement in these activities not only boosts physical health but also contributes to better mental wellness.
  • Cognitive Benefits: There is evidence suggesting that spending time near water can improve focus, creativity and memory. The calming effect of blue spaces may help in reducing cognitive overload and enhancing mental clarity.

Practical Applications of Blue Space Theory

Understanding the benefits of blue spaces can guide urban planning and personal lifestyle choices. The values of Blue Space Theory are integral to the ethos of Aqua Blue Pools. We believe in creating environments that transcend traditional aesthetics, offering not only beauty but also helping create a sanctuary for health and well-being in the process.

  • Architectural Innovation: Our designs incorporate sophisticated water features, from infinity pools that stretch into the horizon to cascading waterfalls that complement the oasis. Each element is crafted to harmonize with the landscape, creating a seamless blend of luxury and tranquility.
  • Personal Wellness Retreats: We encourage our clientele to embrace the luxury of blue space by designing custom pool areas that serve as personal wellness retreats. These spaces are not just for leisure but are a cornerstone of a balanced, health-oriented lifestyle.
  • Therapeutic Spaces: Recognizing the therapeutic potential of aquatic environments, we integrate features that enhance relaxation and mental serenity, such as hydrotherapy jets and ambient water lighting, creating an oasis of calm. Pool spas offer a unique, rejuvenating space in your own backyard.

The Future of Blue Space in Luxury Design

The spaces we inhabit are not just backdrops to our lives but active participants in the quest for happiness. By embracing the serene allure of blue spaces, we can nurture a deeper connection with nature and enhance our overall well-being.

As custom pool builders, our goal is to elevate the design and functionality of commercial and residential oases with our award-winning pool designs. 

From providing peace with trickling scuppers and ambient lighting to helping owners emphasize their style with intricate pool tiles, Aqua Blue Pools creates the ideal aquatic environment for clients from Hilton Head and Bluffton to the Charleston Area.

Create Your Haven For Relaxation

As the Lowcountry’s premier custom pool builder, Aqua Blue Pools is ready to bring your dream pool to life. Since 1991, our team has designed and built pools in a range of styles for residential and commercial clients from South Carolina’s Lowcountry to Savannah. We are proud to work closely with our clients to create and execute impressive custom projects built to last. Contact us today to begin planning your oasis!


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