Find your perfect pool match: concrete or fiberglass

A concrete swimming pool is highly durable and can be formed into just about any shape. You have many more options as far as swimming pool designs and finishes are concerned.
A fiberglass swimming pool is relatively easier to maintain. While a lot of options are available from the San Juan line of fiberglass pools, there are limitations to size and shape.
But which is best for you? The expert pool and spa builders at Aqua Blue Pools are here to help.

A concrete swimming pool is designed for whatever shape and size is best suited for your outdoor space. Once the pool is excavated and other pool building phases are complete, the pool is constructed by pneumatically applying shotcrete onto a rebar framework to create the floor and walls. With shotcrete, pool steps are molded and sidewalls are sculpted with expert precision.
Due it its construction, a concrete swimming pool is the most durable pool type with the longest lifespan. It takes longer to install than a fiberglass pool, and can withstand many types of environmental conditions.
With a wide array of pool finishes from Wet Edge Technologies, a concrete pool can reflect your personal style or outdoor decor. The stone and color choices are many!
Since the rebar framework is flexible, a concrete pool can be built at almost any depth. Its flexibility also helps fit a concrete pool into small or awkward outdoor spaces. Concrete pools can be installed in-ground or elevated above grade.

A San Juan Fiberglass Pool is custom-molded in the factory to a specified size and shape. With over 90 options, there are plenty to choose from. A variety of interior color options are available too.
A fiberglass pool can include steps and seating, spas and vanishing edges, and even a tanning ledge. All pools are available with optional built-in jets for therapeutic massage.
Due to the material, a fiberglass pool is algae-resistant and strong which makes it easier to clean and maintain.
With fewer steps in the process, a fiberglass pool can be installed in-ground. It can also be installed above grade but the installation becomes more complex with an elevated installation.
Contact Aqua Blue Pools today for a free swimming pool consultation.


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