5 Benefits of a Saltwater Pool

If you’ve been researching sanitizing options for your swimming pool, you may have come across the saltwater pool versus traditional chlorine debate.

While both have their pros and cons, sometimes the benefits of saltwater pools are less well known than those of traditional types. Here, we break down some of the reasons that make saltwater pools a favorite among residential pool owners!

What is a Saltwater Pool?

First of all, what is a saltwater pool? If the name has you imagining a pool filled with ocean water, you’re certainly not alone.

However, a saltwater inground pool is not the same thing as taking a dip in the ocean at the Isle of Palms; the name actually comes from the type of equipment that the pool uses to keep the water clean and sanitized. Rather than adding chlorine to your pool to keep the water chlorinated, you pour in simple table salt directly into your pool, stir it up a bit and the salt chlorine generator will then convert it to chlorine.

If you still have the taste of salty ocean water or images of Daniel Island’s beaches flashing through your mind, not to worry. Saltwater pools use a concentration of salt that is much lower than that of ocean water. Indeed, if you can taste the salt at all, it will be mild, almost saline-like. Whereas the ocean has salt levels of around 35,000 parts per million, saltwater pools typically have 3,000-4,000.

5 Advantages of a Saltwater Pool

Now that you have the basics, here are 5 benefits of saltwater pools.

1. Saltwater pools are gentler on your body and clothing

Saltwater pools are gentler than traditional chlorine pools. If you’ve ever spent time in a traditionally chlorinated pool, you’ve probably experienced the red and irritated eyes that often come along with the fun. Traditional chlorine pools also add some major wear and tear on your swimsuits. In contrast, saltwater pools are gentler on the eyes, hair, and clothing.

2. There is no harsh chlorine smell

You won’t have that chlorine smell. Because the chlorine in saltwater pools is created naturally rather in a man-made fashion, you won’t have the same harsh chlorine smell.

3. The water is softer

The water is softer. Salt can be used as a water softener in your shower inside of the house, and it has the same effect on your pool water. Salt-chlorinated pool water is silkier and leaves your skin feeling less dried out than traditionally chlorinated pool water does.

4. You don’t need to store chlorine

No more storing chlorine. Let’s face it, storing and handling chemicals is a nuisance. Especially if you have young children or pets in the home, it can be dangerous to store chlorine. In general, saltwater pools do not use chlorine in its man-made form, as the generator will convert salt into chlorine. The exception to this is if your pool’s balance gets substantially off track. Most of the time though, storing and handling chlorine are not things you will need to worry about.

5. They cost less to maintain

Lower chemical maintenance cost. Salt is much cheaper to purchase than chlorine. Depending on the size of your pool, you could save hundreds of dollars a year in chemical costs with a salt system.

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