Building a High Tech Pool with Aqua Blue Pools

Looking for a way to relieve tension after a demanding day?

A custom high tech pool and spa from Aqua Blue Pools is a great way to start. Whether you are in the market for automated cleaning mechanisms or WiFi compatible lighting, we will work with you to create the perfect blend of convenience and features for your residential pool.

High Tech Pool Features

Boasting WiFi powered heating, bubblers, and more, the modern in-ground pool that Aqua Blue Pools constructed on Isle of Palms features an assortment of high tech features that provide convenience as well as an impressive “wow” factor.

From its WiFi compatible lighting to remote start and stop functions, Aqua Blue incorporated all of the bells and whistles in this tucked away IOP oasis.

Infinity Pool at Night with Fire Pit Lighting

Slat Water Systems 

In addition to the high tech lighting and remote features, ABP added a salt-sanitizing system to the heated pool. Unlike regular chlorinated pools that may quickly dry out the skin and hair, the salt system is easier on both and allows you to relax without worry.

Automated Cleaning

To further automate pool cleaning processes, an automated in-floor cleaning system was also integrated in an effort to save the pool owners additional labor in keeping the pool pristine.

Feel like taking a lounge break? Aqua Blue Pools incorporated a custom sun ledge which makes for a popular lounging hot spot. Featuring WiFi operated bubbler fountains and colored LED lights, the sun ledge provides additional light for safer nighttime swims, all while keeping up with the high tech Jones’s.

Custom Geometric Pool with Tanning Ledge Side View

Custom Geometric Pool with Tanning Ledge at Night

If you are ready to start designing your own high tech pool, or simply want to renovate your existing pool to add additional technological bells and whistles, we encourage you to request a consultation with Aqua Blue Pools’ South Carolina pool and spa builders! Our seasoned team will work with you to create the “smart pool” of your high tech dreams!

Pool Builders South Carolina

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