How to Plan an Awesome Pool Party

Summer is coming, and you know what that means: time for pool parties! There are few better ways to spend a summer’s day than hanging out by the pool with your friends and family, and Aqua Blue Pools are here to tell you how to make your pool party the event of the year.

Invite your guests early

Get your attendees booked in before the pool party invites start getting into full swing! Your party is going to be the best by far, and it’s important that you have the guestlist completed in good time. Invite via text, phone, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or good, old-fashioned mail – as long as you’re early, you’re good. If you’re feeling artsy, you could even design your own invitations!

Invite your guests early for your pool party

Get your food and drinks

After the pool itself, food and drink is arguably the most important part of a pool party. If you’re hosting a pool party for your children and their friends, then make sure there’s soda and juice available; if your party is for adults, then beer, wine and other drinks need to be in steady supply. As for food, you’ll need to work out what you want to serve: is it going to be a barbecue? Will you have pizzas available for your guests? Perhaps a buffet? So many choices! We’d recommend a barbecue – something about cooking on the grill adds to the party mood.

Get your music

Every party needs a soundtrack, and as host, it’s your job to curate the perfect pool party playlist. Summer hits from start to finish is a surefire way to ensure your pool party sounds as good as it looks, so compile all your favourites and ensure your speakers are in good, working order. For a bit of extra help and to ensure there’s something for everyone, why not make a collaborative Spotify or Apple Music playlist? This allows anyone with an account for these streaming services to add their favourite songs – everyone’s a winner!

We mentioned speakers; if you don’t have any, consider investing in some portable outdoor speakers, or borrowing some from a friend. Waterproof speakers are ideal for a pool party, but the most important attribute is the quality of the sound.

Prepare your pool

If your guests turn up to your pool party and the pool is dirty, with leaves floating on the top or bits of trash lying around near it, that is an immediate mood-killer. Take some time to clean your pool beforehand, or hire a professional pool cleaner to get your backyard oasis looking its best before your guests arrive.

People at a Pool Party

Notify your neighbors

If you think your pool party is likely to carry on into the evening, it’s polite to let your neighbors know that there may be more noise than usual coming from your backyard. Give them some notice so they aren’t caught unawares by the music and laughter of your party. It’s just a matter of courtesy; if you get along with your neighbors anyway they may well be attending in the first place!

If you’re properly prepared, your pool party will be a wonderful time for you and your guests. From drinks and snacks to music and party themes, get everything in order ahead of time, then relax and enjoy your party!

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