When you think of a pool, there’s probably a specific type and shape that comes to mind. Perhaps you recall spending summer vacations lounging around a friend’s backyard pool or floating on rafts with the sun baking into your skin.

Maybe you think of your local gym’s Olympic-sized swimming pool, overwhelmed with a flurry of movement from patrons getting in their daily workout. Perhaps you even dream of a lap pool in your own backyard.

What Are Lap Pools?

Lap pools are swimming pools that are built mostly for health and fitness purposes. Unlike traditional residential pools, these one are much narrower and usually rectangular in shape. Typically, lap pools range from about 35 to 45 feet in length, but they can be much longer – it all depends on the size of the lot and the intentions of the user.

Benefits of Lap Pools

Lap pools have been gaining in popularity recently due to several main benefits, the first of which is the shape itself. Because they are narrower than most residential pools, they can fit in different types of lots. It is important to note that they are not necessarily smaller than traditional pools, but they can accommodate residential properties that are more confined in one dimension than another.

That said, lap pools are not just for narrow plots of land! These types of pools can be constructed in many different shapes of yards. Depending on the size, your lap pool may also serve as an accent rather than the focal point of your space.

Lap pools provide both privacy and convenience. Rather than getting your workout in at the gym, wouldn’t it be nice to simply step out of your home and go for a swim? Travel and preparation time are non-issues, which means there are two fewer reasons not to get that exercise in. Plus, unlike at some gyms, there are no time restrictions. If you feel like going for a swim at 3 am, more power to you!

Lastly, lap pools are aesthetically pleasing. If you are seeking to add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space, adding the classic shape of a lap pool is a viable route to pursue.

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