Pool Automation's Newest and Sexiest Feature Yet: The Voice Command of Amazon Echo™ Now Integrated with Pentair ScreenLogic®

Control Your Pool Using Voice Command with Amazon’s Echo
Imagine using your voice to activate your spa, waterfall, pool lights and more. Voice command for your pool’s operation is here. Let’s give a big welcome to the George Jetson of swimming pools!
Do you remember your first introduction to the remote control of any sort? Was it for a toy car, plane or boat? Was it for a television? And then a VCR, cable box, DVD player, audio equipment? Were you also acquiring more remote controls to cover more practical aspects of your home like ceiling fans, interior and exterior landscape lighting? What about your pool management?
Pool automation has become a very common and much desired feature in pool installation and renovation in residential pools.

Remote controls were just the first step in making life easier. Next came automation, which is continually advancing with the latest communication technologies including web-based services and mobile apps.
In its application to pool management, these apps use telemetry to collect measurements and data from pool monitoring equipment. Useful to builders, pool service and maintenance contractors, and homeowners, pool management can not only be automated but managed from afar. It can include filtration cycles, sanitation, water features, heating, or even pool and landscape lighting.
So what is the next step in pool automation? As with all advancements, it relates to our lifestyles and how we interact with our devices. We have moved to doing many things hands free, which makes voice activation the vital next step. Think of wearing headphones in the car or having your phone integrated into the speaker system so that you can obey the law and talk on the phone while your are driving. What about those apps where you verbally inquire for information? Voice activated and voice controlled programs will continue to change our lifestyles.
Pool automation innovators have taken these concepts and applied to pool automation. Leaving work after a long day and having to focus on rush hour traffic, who wouldn’t want the spa to be heated up and ready for you when you get home? Or, you realized during your morning errands that you forgot to check the pH levels for the pool party with the kids later this afternoon? Are you already tucked under the covers for the evening, and the pool lights are streaming through your windows?
Voice activation in your pool automation provides an added level of luxury and convenience.
Contact the design group at Aqua Blue Pools to integrate the Pentair ScreenLogic® Interface for Amazon Echo™ Pool Automation with your IntelliTouch® or EasyTouch® Control Systems to add voice control into your pool automation system.


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