Pool Decorations for Christmas and New Year

This year, it’s more important than ever to spread some Christmas cheer. So don’t hold back on the decorations — let your imagination run wild!

With the new year round the corner, why not start your dream pool with Aqua Blue Pools? We design and build luxury pools across South Carolina!

You can decorate your home, your yard and even your pool. In fact, decorating your pool can transform the whole look and feel of your backyard, perfect for a New Year’s Eve party or an intimate Christmas with family.

In this article, discover how you can decorate your pool for the holiday season.

Decorate your Pool for New Year


Lights can be a great way to decorate your pool, but it’s important they’re used safely. Any lighting that is used within 5 feet of the pool should be solar or battery operated. Never use plug-in Christmas lights around the pool.

String lights around your pool or thread them through greenery to illuminate your backyard. Icicle lights are another great option for the festive period, as they create a winter wonderland feel. Use lights with a twinkle setting to watch the glow shimmer off the pool water.

Outdoor inflatables

Outdoor inflatables can be used in or around the pool. Choose from a range of designs —  a 10ft Santa Claus, top-hat-wearing snowman or red-nosed reindeer. Inflatables are great additions to a pool because they float along with the water. Be careful not to put inflatables too close to any lights or candles, though.

Floating candles

Floating candles are elegant and eye-catching. They can be added to your pool and will float throughout the night, illuminating your backyard. Don’t use floating candles and inflatables together though, and only use floating candles if your pool isn’t going to be used.

Decorate your Pool for Christmas


Ornaments aren’t just for your Christmas tree, they can be strewn across the greenery in your garden and hung from the roof. Ornaments come in a range of shapes and sizes, so you can create the perfect aesthetic for your seasonal backyard.

Pool noodles

If you’ve got a pool, chances are you already have some pool noodles. Not just fun pool toys and great floatation devices, pool noodles can be used to craft Christmas decorations. Try turning them into a wreath or a giant candy cane!

Red bow

If you want to decorate your pool, but also wish to keep it covered, a red bow is the way to go. An oversized red bow can be placed on top of your pool cover to give it a Christmas touch up while still keeping it covered. It is a subtle but attractive addition to your pool, and is perfect for the holiday season.

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