Plan for your pool with a feasibility analysis

You’ve got ideas. Maybe a fiberglass pool? Maybe an inground conrete one? Before diving into any new pool construction at your home, a Pool Feasibility Study conducted by the experts at Aqua Blue Pools is a smart first step. It begins with a phone consultation with one of our designers/estimators.

“During this conversation, establishing your budget is necessary. Once that is determined, we can then approach spatial feasibility which requires a current property site plan or survey,” said Paul Straight of Aqua Blue Pools.

Every Pool Feasibility Study is customized to meet the specific needs of each individual property owner and potential residential pool owner.

A feasibility study begins with establishing how much money you are able—and want—to invest when it comes to building a new pool in your backyard. Next, you will need to provide Aqua Blue Pools with a site plan or property survey from an independent surveyor. This document should show all existing structures such as driveway, patios and decks, plus property lines, easements, setbacks, flood zone and more.

At the completion of your study, we will begin the conceptual design process for your new pool. Budgetary projections will be provided, along with pool design options.

For more advanced pool projects, Aqua Blue Pools offers a Non-Standard Pool Design Consultation. This advanced form of planning is often undertaken for commercial or developer projects, but can be done for large-scale residential projects if warranted.

A Non-Standard Pool Design Consultation takes a pool feasibility analysis to the next level by introducing pool design, engineering if applicable, soil testing and potentially more depending on the nature of the project. Whether you’re looking to build a small pool in Mt. Pleasant or a massive one on Isle of Palms, our expert analysis will ensure that your project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Please feel free to contact us today to schedule a Pool Feasibility Study.


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