Water Polo Pool Guide – Dimensions & Markings

Water polo is one of the most popular water sports in the US. The men’s and women’s water polo teams have competed in every Olympic Games, with the women’s team winning gold in the 2020, 2016, and 2012 tournaments. 

Each Olympic victory inspires a new set of challengers to take to their pool to try water polo. However, with each pool being a different shape and size, many people question whether their pool is suitable for the sport.

In this article, we explain the dimensions and markings required for a water polo pool.

What are the dimensions of a standard water polo pool?

What are the dimensions of a standard water polo pool? - Dimension guide from Aqua Blue Pools

There are no exact standard dimensions for a water polo field, because the dimensions adapt depending on the size of the pool. However, there are some minimum and maximum requirements, along with specific dimensions for the goal.


Length: The length of the pool must be between 25-30m (82’-98.43’)

Width: The width of the pool must be between 10-20m (32.8’-65.62’)

Depth: The depth of the pool must be at least 1.8m (6’)

Goal height: The height of the goal must be 0.9m (3’)

Goal width: The width of the goal must be 3m (9.84’)

You’ll also need the following markings to complete your water polo pitch:


  • Goal line
  • 2m line
  • 5m line
  • Half distance line


Your pool will need to be rectangular, or you at least need to be able to mark out a rectangle in your pool to play water polo.

As long as your pool can accommodate the above dimensions and markings, you’d be able to play water polo in your pool.

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