Zero-Entry Pools: An Accessible and Luxurious Oasis for All

Photo courtesy of Kris Decker, Firewater Photography

Imagine your own private oasis: a shimmering, crystal-clear pool that welcomes you whenever the summer sun starts to beat down. With zero-entry pools, this dream is a reality that all can enjoy! These specially designed pools provide an inclusive aquatic experience in which homeowners never compromise luxury for function. As a Lowcountry leader in custom pool construction, Aqua Blue Pools believes everyone deserves to experience poolside relaxation. We’re proud to provide South Carolina homeowners with the zero-entry pool of their dreams.

What is a zero-entry pool?

With their unique style and functionality, zero-entry pools offer a rare swimming experience. Instead of steps, this type of pool is designed with a gradual sloping entrance that gently eases you into the water, giving you the sensation of walking into the pool as if you were wading into the sea itself.

To learn about the pros and cons of this pool style, read our blog, “What is a Zero-Entry Pool?

How do zero-entry pools promote accessibility?

Not only is the zero-entry pool slope an incredibly stylish and modern feature, but it is also beneficial to all swimmers. This sloped design makes it easier for children, seniors and people with differing abilities to safely and easily get in and out of the water. Also known as “walk-in” and “beach-entry” pools, zero-entry pools are the epitome of relaxation, comfort and inclusivity that open up the world of watery fun to an all-new demographic. 

How can I enhance my poolside atmosphere?

A zero-entry pool is already an elegant and versatile addition to any home, but you may be looking for ways to enhance your space even more. Thanks to our diverse catalog of pool features, Aqua Blue Pool clients have access to a full range of creative tools, including our team’s pool design expertise! To create the perfect custom pool, try adding unique and innovative details such as:

And while pool features take your design above, there are extra steps that can take your oasis beyond as well. For example, you may choose to lean into the “beach-entry” angle with a pebble surface for an immersive, sandy shore feeling. Upgrade your landscaping with our state’s great Palmetto, and you’ve brought the shore to your backyard.

Is a zero-entry pool right for me?

Ultimately, determining whether a zero-entry pool is right for you depends on your personal preferences, lifestyle and budget. Consult this neat, concise list of factors to consider:

  1. Accessibility: If you have children or family members with mobility challenges, a zero-entry pool may be a great option, providing a gradual slope into the water and easy entry and exit.
  2. Design preferences: A zero-entry pool may be a good fit if you prefer a more natural and aesthetically pleasing design.
  3. Relaxation: While zero-entry pools can accommodate a wide range of activities, their unique slope makes them particularly well-suited for casual lounging.
  4. Budget: Zero-entry pools tend to be higher in cost to build and maintain than traditional pools due to their design. Aqua Blue Pools is proud to partner with Lyon Financial to assist clients in financing their pool.
  5. Property size and shape: Pending your property size, you may need to consider sacrificing pool size to accommodate this style. Building codes require pool slopes to have a 1:7 slope ratio for a private residence.

Ultimately, the decision to install a zero-entry pool is a personal one that should take into account your specific needs and preferences. It’s always a good idea to consult a professional pool-building partner who can help you assess your options and make an informed decision best suited for your desires and space.

Dive into your custom pool project with Aqua Blue Pools!

As the Lowcountry’s premier custom pool builder, Aqua Blue Pools is ready to help you realize the pool of your dreams. Since 1991, our team has built pools in a range of styles for residential and commercial clients in South Carolina. We are proud to work closely with our clients to create and execute impressive custom projects built to last. Contact us today to begin planning your oasis!


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