Preparing Your Pool For Hurricane Irma

While Southeastern Texas and other parts of the US are still dealing with the impact of Hurricane Harvey, another major storm is barreling down on Caribbean islands and US Atlantic coastal states. Recently updated to a Category 5 storm by the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Irma will hit the US coast by this weekend.
We put together some rather important Do’s and Don’ts for making sure your pool is properly prepared for the storm.

What Not To Do

Don’t Empty Your Pool

It might be your gut instinct to empty your pool to save time on pool cleaning later, but the best thing you can do is leave it as is.  The weight of water helps to keep the pool in place during rising water tables in the ground, so don’t drain your pool.

Don’t Cover Your Pool

Pool covers and swimming pools in general can be easily damaged from falling debris, objects and heavy limbs/trees or accumulating rain water, so leave your cover open; your pool will survive and you won’t have costly damage to replace.

What To Do

Pool Covers – Leave Them Open

If pool covers are closed during a storm, and especially with the potential loss of power, water and debris will collect on the pool cover which increases the risk of damage you pool cover system and the pool cover itself. Leave the pool cover OPEN.

Turn Off All Water Features

If you have waterfalls or water features on your pool turn them off ahead of the storm.

Clear Surrounding Area

Anything around the pool should be brought indoors if possible, or tied down so they don’t end up in the pool, or damaging your home.  You don’t want to be fishing things like Grills, umbrellas, furniture, etc. out of your swimming pool, so if it can’t come inside, make sure it’s not going anywhere.

Add Extra Liquid Chlorine

Adding extra liquid chlorine to the pool wouldn’t hurt it, especially if the power goes out and the pool equipment can’t operate for a couple of days.  While not imperative, it can help keep the pool at a manageable cleanliness level.

After The Storm

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

If your pool equipment area becomes flooded DO NOT attempt to turn off the breakers at your equipment room/area – or turn them back on if already off.
If you are not an Aqua Blue Pools maintenance customer and need help with pool cleaning services or repair after the storm, we will do our very best to get you the help you need and kindly ask for your patience. Priority service is given to our existing customer accounts.  Learn more about our pool maintenance services.
How to Reach Us
In the case phone service and power are disrupted, the best method of communication with the Aqua Blue Pools Team is via our website’s contact page.
A Message to our Pool Maintenance Customers
We are closing our offices starting at NOON on Friday, September 8, 2017. Unfortunately, we are still at risk of being impacted somehow by Hurricane Irma and our team and their families need prepare for the storm and evacuate if necessary. We intend to re-open for business on Wednesday, September 13, 2017, depending on how we are affected from the aftermath of this hurricane.
Please rest assured that after the storm has passed and once we’ve established it is safe for our team to begin working again, we will be visiting and inspecting each and every pool we currently service in the Mount Pleasant, Charleston, Kiawah, and other surrounding areas after the storm. You will receive top priority and if you have provided us with your email address you will be receiving updates via email once we return to work. You can also follow us on our Facebook page for updates there as well.


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