Free Form Swimming Pool with Water Features in Pine Forest Country Club of Summerville, SC

Pool Description

This free form swimming pool with water features located in Pine Forest Country Club of Summerville is designed and built by Aqua Blue Pools. The swimming pool dimensions are 28 ft. 6 in. x 13 ft. and the pool area calculates to 354 square feet with a 9,120 gallon capacity. The pool deck area is 422 square feet.

The swimming pool interior finish is French Silver Aggregate and the coping and deck materials are custom precast concrete stone to match the homeowner’s existing bluestone deck.

Special swimming pool equipment used on this project is Pentair’s 4×160 Variable Speed pump which automatically monitors and adjusts flow rates to optimize performance and minimize energy use, reducing energy consumption by up to 90%, saving the homeowners a sizable amount of money every year. So that the homeowners can spend more time using and enjoying their swimming pool, a Pentair automated robotic cleaner was included for ease of maintenance. To make balancing the swimming pool chemicals less challenging, this pool uses salt chlorine generator to sanitize the pool versus using chlorine tablets. The pool equipment also includes computerized automation so that the homeowner can program the pools operation to meet their personal needs and lifestyle. As far as the lighting package goes, LED lighting is included so that the homeowners can enjoy many of the benefits that LED lighting provides such as greatly reducing energy consumption, a much longer life expectancy versus that of all other types of lighting including the incandescent bulbs we’re all accustomed to using. Although the upfront investment is more expensive, in the end the savings are dramatic all the way around.


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