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An Aqua Blue Pools customer takes time to share their experience. The Licatas are extremely happy with Aqua Blue Pools’ customer service from the design process, to construction, and service. If you want to learn more about how it will be working with a swimming pool contractor don’t listen to the company, listen to what their customers have to say!

“We chose Aqua Blue as part of the entire team of construction professionals who put together our entire backyard. They came very, very highly recommended, and after our own research, it was abundantly clear that Aqua Blue was the way to go. I was particularly taken with the breadth of experience that they’ve had in both what I would call corporate settings, as well as some of the finer homes that we can see in downtown Charleston. And we just wanted to take advantage of whatever expertise they could offer in helping us bring some of that into our own lives and our own home–very, very pleased with the result. Aqua Blue was professional through the entire process, from planning to I could say it no other way from planning to the end of execution. Always very willing to offer suggestions and always kept our needs very much in the forefront of what it is they wanted to do or what they were doing for us.”
“I was really thrilled from the beginning through the process on the aspects of it that made a difference to me. And one is, I can remember at the very beginning the spray paint on the grass, giving me the ability to visualize because I couldn’t visualize the size of the pool. And the flexibility the team had and moving those lines until we got the size that we thought was going to be the right size. And then comes the big muddy hole. And I thought, “Oh, my gosh! Look at it. This is a mess. How is this going to turn into something beautiful?” And just the reassurance of what was going to happen along each step so that there was no concerns throughout the process made a difference to me.

And during the process, the pool had been scoped out at a certain elevation throughout the backyard. And during the construction process, we all found out that that elevation wasn’t going to be appropriate for the kind of pool and the kind of pool deck area that we had envisioned. And, in the middle of the construction process, Aqua Blue was able to take not only our needs, but the new circumstance that had presented itself while the pool was being constructed, and now we have basically a two step view of a pool area down to another structure which we’re also going to use for entertaining, instead of having it on one single homogenous level. I was very, very impressed with their creativity, and I was very, very impressed with their ability to think on their feet and how to put all these elements together, to come to a project that met everybody’s needs: mine and my wife’s, the needs of the designer and also the needs of the or the particular needs that the landscape provided as we were going through the construction process–very, very impressive.

And they did all this while we were out of town, which I think is a major part; [it can’t be missed?]. We were trying to do this and kept getting far away. And the patience and flexibility was particularly fine.”

“One of the great things for me about having a pool down here in South Carolina and having this pool by Aqua Blue, is you have…

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