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Aqua Blue Pools built the Thomas’ pool and spa which helped to provide them with the backyard of their dreams. The swimming pool was designed carefully to include raised stone walls with copper-scupper water features to enhance the view and sound of running water. What does Emily Thomas have to say about her experience with Aqua Blue Pools?

One of the great things for me about having a pool down here in South Carolina and having this pool by Aqua Blue, is you have a very limited time that you’re able to enjoy a pool when you move up north. And one of the things I like about this the most is being able to come out here and start the morning by just sit-ting around the pool and having a cup of coffee. And that doesn’t take into account the enjoyment that we get from it on a daily basis, most especially when the water’s warmer I’m sorry, when the weather’s warmer. And everybody who, every family member who’s come down here we both have fairly large families just enjoys the heck out of this pool. You know they’re in it just about every minute that they’re here and it just thrills us to death that they do things like that.

I absolutely love to float, float in the pool, and look at the beautiful pool and just relax.

One of the things that I’m particularly grateful in dealing with Aqua Blue is that they offer the ability to maintain and manage the pool for us. My wife and I do an enormous amount of travel for business, and we’re not home as often as we’d like, and we depend on Aqua Blue to actually maintain the pool to the crystal clarity you can see right behind us. Every service person that we’ve ever had is polite, professional, and they do one of the best jobs I’ve ever seen any pool organization do. And I’m very happy that I can depend on them for that. They’re very communicative, and they always leave a note as to what they’ve done. Or, if there are any open issues, they follow that up with a phone call. And anything that’s open is usually remedied within a day or so. Not to mention that I myself have had a couple of issues with the pool not operating correctly, and Aqua Blue has been unbelievably responsive. They’re sending somebody over usu-ally within four hours of my making a phone call. Just all the way around, they’re one superlative company.
Just in summary, the part that we did not address is that Aqua Blue, during this whole process from our initial interest to the end, Aqua Blue helped gather a team of what I would call the best professionals in the Charleston area, in terms of them-selves as pool construction, landscape architecture, and con-tractors to help us bring this entire thing to fruition. Throughout that process, I would have to say, without reservation, that Aqua Blue was the crown jewel in that entire process. And, more than any one organization, this is because of them, and we’re just thrilled.

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