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Watch an Aqua Blue Pools customer describe how she felt about working with Charleston’s swimming pool contractor.

We chose Aqua Blue Pools for their reputation in the Charleston area. We met with other pool builders and really were impressed by Aqua Blue Pools and the people that work for them. We know several other people, in Charleston, who have pools built by Aqua Blue Pools.
Well, we wanted something that fit with the exterior of the house and the size of the yard, and that was really fun to set up with Clint. We marked the yard, and decided on the style that was traditional with the house. We loved the people we dealt with in the design and choosing of the whole process, designing the pool, and the quality of workmanship.
Everyone it was different shifts of people at different stages of building the swimming pool, and they were all delightful and courteous, and we just had a great time dealing with them. We made several changes during the building of the swimming pool, including the depth of the pool and the size of the swimming pool deck, and Aqua Blue Pools was very accommodating with us making those big changes.
Just the serenity it provides in our backyard and a place to go cool off, especially this summer. It’s just been a godsend. We enjoy the swimming pool just for its relaxing atmosphere. It adds a great feature in our backyard and for entertaining. And then the kids have a great time. Kids enjoy it. Our dogs enjoy it. Our dogs have their friends come over.
Aqua Blue Pools service is wonderful. We’ve used it from the beginning, and John at Aqua Blue Pools service comes and services our swimming pool once a week, and he just does a great job. He’s very friendly and knowledgeable and has helped me with many questions I’ve had with the swimming pool too. I would recommend Aqua Blue Pools to everyone.

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