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A customer of Aqua Blue Pools shares what it’s like to work with Aqua Blue Pools from the beginning of the swimming pool design process and all the way through to maintaining their swimming pool.

To integrate the swimming pool to the back deck and the back deck to the house itself, which happened to be all concrete also, was a real challenge, and we had to work very closely with the concrete contractor, who was very skilled and was quite open to working with the pool people when they came out, with Aqua Blue Pools’ people when they came out, to lay the block layouts and things of this nature. We had a lot of double walls we had to put in by nature of the design, and so that took a critical understanding of all the trades. Then we had a limited space to put all the swimming pool equipment. And one thing I’m especially proud of is the whole mechanical layout. It was very thoughtfully done so it minimizes the space take up down there and actually looks like a little bit of a factory, which is kind of my background anyway. I like factories, and my basement looks like a factory. And that was just good design, patient design of laying that out. So that was a very rewarding process, quite frankly.
Then I kind of remember the final step of the process was actually We were struggling with what sort of swimming pool interior finish to put on the pool, what sort of tile selection, and the people at Aqua Blue Pools said, “There’ll be a time when we can really address that, and you don’t have to make that decision early. You want to make it at the right time.” And so we got the house pretty much laid out and done. The swimming pools deck is done. And then we came out, put a few chairs out in front of the deck and next to the swimming pool, broke out a bottle of wine if I recall, and looked at the scenery of the Wando River and the skyline and the infinity edge of the swimming pool, and that’s where we made the decision to go with the French silver interior pool finish rather than the Pebble Tec, which would have been a more expensive choice, but, in this case, Aqua Blue Pools promoted that simple was bet-ter, which I think is a testimony to itself.
I’ve done it myself, but I couldn’t really have done it without continual education from Jesse and people like that who willingly come out.  We’ve had a few–well, that’s the thing, I can talk about it–we’ve had some after market warranty issues with swimming pool pumps and the salt chlorinator and even the motherboard on the controller, which Aqua Blue Pools took one look, knew that it was a warranty problem, replaced it, and it went forward. No real argument, no argument at all, just verifying that it was a problem. And so through that contact with Aqua Blue Pools, I’ve been able to learn probably 20 percent of what there is to know about cleaning a pool, but it looks pretty good, I think, overall, and so we’re doing it that way. But I appreciate the ongoing support, to the extent that I ask for it. So thank you.
There’s many different swimming pool designs. There’s elevated swimming pools. There’s in ground swimming pools. And obviously different engineering challenges, hydraulic challenges. My experience with Aqua Blue Pools was on what I would call a more complicated design swimming pool, and Aqua Blue Pools certainly can fill that niche of complicated pool designs.

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