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At Aqua Blue Pools, we build and install two different types of pools  – concrete (gunite) pools and San Juan fiberglass pools. Each pool type can be installed in the ground or elevated above grade. The pool installation process and project completion timelines for each pool type can vary. Fiberglass pools typically require fewer steps during the installation process, shortening the project completion time-frame.

The most important component in any construction project is communication. The project scope will determine the construction timeline, but many projects can be completed within 90 days or less, weather permitting. Each construction step happens in a specific order, with quality control checks and balances put into place by our team. Below is a brief description of a typical pool installation. It varies somewhat on our more complex projects. Proper execution of each stage is critical to the success of the next stage.

Pool Construction Process

Before we can move forward, we have some preliminary site work to do. We’ll get your pool construction drawings completed, permits and HOA approvals procured, PUPS (Palmetto Utility Protection Services) will be contacted to have underground utilities located and depending on the project, one or more initial pre-construction meetings will take place at the pool site location with our construction team. We take care of everything. Before pool construction begins, our construction team and your design consultant will lay out your pool in your backyard following the specifics of the plans before a shovel hits the ground. We will ask for your participation during the back-end of this appointment. Once you’ve approved of the layout and other project specifications, forming and excavation can be scheduled to begin.

Step 1: Laying Out Your Pool

Once you have hired Aqua Blue Pools to build your pool, and we've received approvals from your HOA and local municipality, the first step before beginning construction of your new Aqua Blue Pool is laying it out in the predetermined space. This is the time to confirm that your pool shape is exactly what you want, and the location of the pool is precisely where you want it to be. This will all be done in conjunction with your "pre-construction" appointment. During this appointment, all of the details regarding your project will be reviewed and discussed between you, your design consultant, and your project superintendent. Once you review and approve the project specifications, your project can be scheduled to start. You're now on the way to getting the pool you've always wanted.

Step 2: Form and Dig

The second step to the construction process is forming and digging your pool. Our form and dig crews will show up at the job site with materials to form your pool out of wood on the ground at the specified and approved pool location. Then, we bring out the equipment to dig your pool. Now you begin seeing your pool take shape. This is where the fun, and the mess begins!

Step 3: Plumbing

During this stage we stub in all the pool’s plumbing. Each project has its own hydraulic and structural requirements. Size of plumbing and steel are project specific. Once excavation is complete, our plumbers begin plumbing and pressurizing for quality control. We do not use flexible hosing on any of our pool or spa systems. Your second construction payment is made at this time.

Step 4: Steel Reinforcement

This the step where the steel cage is tied together throughout the pool. The steel reinforcement strengthens the structure of the pool shell, like the foundation and frame of your house is its support system. Long, round steel reinforcing rods are bent and shaped off the floor and walls of the excavated hole. Now for the first time you will begin to see a structure instead of a just a dirt hole in the ground.

Step 5: Concrete Shell Application

The fifth step of building your pool is the concrete shell application. This is a very exciting day. There is going to be a little confusion, a great deal of activity, and a thrilling experience for you and your family to witness this step in the construction process. You can watch the process as tons of concrete will be blasted through a long hose and sprayed on the floors and walls of your pool. Before your very eyes the pool steps will be molded, the side walls will be sculptured into graceful curving or straight forms, and the entire concrete structure of your pool will be created. The concrete shell is the very heart of your swimming pool and Aqua Blue Pools takes great care to provide the very best concrete shell available.

Step 6: Tile and Coping

Step six of the construction process is where the tile and coping are installed. The waterline tile is installed around the perimeter of the pool. Tiles used today can be manufactured of glass, stone, or porcelain. The tile shown here is porcelain. After the tile is installed, then the coping is installed. The coping is the border, or edge surrounding the entire pool perimeter. Materials used for this process can consist of brick, concrete pavers, pre-cast simulated stone, travertine, or some other type of natural stone. This particular pool has clay brick as the coping material. When trying to determine which materials are best to use, it's always a good idea to discuss your budget and options with a Aqua Blue Pools representative.

Step 7: Decking

The seventh step of the construction process is deck installation. This picture shows a pool located in Downtown Charleston, SC's historic district. The deck material used for this pool is Tennessee stone for the larger cuts. The smaller inserts are made of Blue Stone. The deck material was custom cut on the job site. Deck material options that are available to you widely vary so it's always a good idea to go through these options with your Aqua Blue Pools designer.

Step 8: Fencing

This is the eighth step where the fencing enclosure is installed. Before the pool can be filled with water, the fence must go up. There are many different types of materials available and they include aluminum rail fencing, wood, brick, stucco, wrought iron, glass, or even a combination of some of these. Whatever the materials and design you select will be dictated by your budget and what your local municipality allows. Our representatives are familiar with all local municipality and homeowner's association codes and requirements. So, be sure to consult with your Aqua Blue Pools designer.

Step 9: Interior Finish

This is the 9th and final step in the construction process. Once the interior finish application is complete, we begin to fill your pool with water. Regular garden hoses are used to fill the pool and you will be informed on when the water should be turned off. There are different types of interior finishes available today and they range from exposed aggregate, pebble finishes, glass beads, and a multitude of tile finishes. Depending on your budget either finish will look great on your pool.

Step 10: Start Up Your Pool and Swim!

The tenth step is the time to start up your pool. Now that your pool is filled with water, within three days after applying the interior finish, we are going to "turn on" your pool. On this day all of your new equipment will begin pumping, filtering, and circulating. We will install your remaining equipment and add the necessary chemicals or salt to begin sanitizing your pool. Over the next 30 days we will monitor the function of your pool. This is the time frame when we may have to calibrate your equipment to get it all functioning as it should.

Step 11 - Operation & Maintenance

Now that we've vacated your backyard, it's time to train you on how to take care of your new Aqua Blue Pool. You will be contacted by someone from our company to schedule an appointment for your OJT... that's short for "on-the-job-training". At this appointment, you can expect one of our service technicians to show you how the pool equipment operates, and help you understand how to use it. Also, you will be taught how to balance your pool water. If you prefer not to maintain the pool yourself, and would rather hire someone else to do it, Aqua Blue Pools has an entire department dedicated to maintaining and servicing your pool. Just call us and we're happy to discuss your options.

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