5 Factors in Pool Size Selection

You have made the decision. You want a residential pool. Now it is time to delve into the details of pool selection.

Landscaping for your pool - tiles or plants? - when is the best time to buy a pool?

One of the most important pool decisions you have to make is to determine what size pool is right for you. There are several factors that can contribute to your pool size selection.

Who is going to use the pool?

Now, this is really important. Are you a family with multiple children? Are you grandparents who anticipate regular visits from your grandchildren? Will your pool most often be used daily during the warmer seasons? Swimming pool designs can  vary considerably based on who will be using the pool.

How will your pool be used?

This is an important consideration in conjunction with who will be using your pool. Remember that pools are three-dimensional spaces, so pool depth is also an area of concern.

Recreation comes in a variety of forms from traditional pool games to diving boards and water slides. Toddlers will need a shallow space, while other adults may want that tanning shelf or Baja ledge.

If you are using your pool for fitness, particularly lap swimming, length, depth and pool edges are important for safety.

How much space do you have?

Keep in mind that your backyard only has a certain amount of space. The actual size of the pool is not the only factor in your decision such as major and minor pool accessories like pool covers, decks and patios, diving boards and slides, fencing, and storage.

You will want your pool integrated into your backyard in a way that will fit with the rest of your landscape and lifestyle that includes optimal outdoor living.

What about pool shape?

From traditional rectangular and oval shapes, to circular, free form, Roman or Greek shapes, there are a variety of pool shapes to choose from that will fit your requirements for occupancy, usage, and space. Custom pool builders can help you choose or create the pool shape that’s right for you.

What about costs?

Pools costs will vary. Consult with your pool design professionals on the upfront costs of and installation versus the monthly costs of maintenance. Increasing your pool size may have negligible upfront costs, but the difference in your service and maintenance, such as the amount of water and chemicals used daily, may be quite a bit different.

Contact the experts at Aqua Blue Pools to discuss the pool size that fits your family and lifestyle.


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