When is the Best Time to Buy a Pool?

Summer and pools go together like pecan pie and cream. The sunshine is shining, party poppers are popping, and everyone is spending time in their backyards visualizing their dream pool.

It’s no surprise that there’s an uptick of pool builds during the summer months, but is this really the best time to start the project?

Seasons of the year by the pool - what is the best time to buy a pool?

There are benefits to starting your pool construction in every season of the year — here at Aqua Blue Pools we can design and build your pool when it is best for you!

Discover which season is best for you in this month’s article!


Spring marks the start of rising temperatures, and though it may not be as hot as summer, spring is a great time to prepare for those scorching summer months. Don’t forget pool construction can take around 8-12 weeks to complete — that’s an entire season. Start the project in spring and your pool will be ready to use by the time summer rolls around.

Spring is also a great time for pool maintenance and repairs. Let us tend to those nicks, chips and scratches and your pool will be good as new for your summer party.

Geometric Swimming Pool


Pool building reaches its peak in summer. Though some pool builders work all year round, many only surface during the summer months. Because you have more options at your disposal during summer, it is often the best time to reach out to contractors and start planning the construction of your dream pool.


Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean you should quit thinking about your dream pool. In fact, many experts believe that the fall is the best season to start building your pool.

Why? One word — landscaping.

It’s important to remember that the construction of a swimming pool will invariably cause some damage to your yard.

If you construct your pool in spring, you may have a beautiful swimming pool by summer, but the surrounding area will still look worse for wear.

Landscaping for your pool - tiles or plants? - when is the best time to buy a pool?

The ground is drier during fall than it is in spring and summer. This means that the equipment needed to construct your pool won’t sink into the ground as much, causing less damage.

And whatever damage is done will need time to regrow. Replant grass, vegetation and flowers in the fall and they’ll be ready for growth when the temperature rises in spring. By summer, you’ll have a luxury pool built among a luscious backyard.


Pool building is at its most scarce in the winter, but this could play to your advantage. Your contractor is less likely to have multiple clients, meaning they should be easier to contact and have more time to focus on your needs specifically.

Winter is also the best time to get your pool renovated. You’re probably not using your pool when it’s cold — so why not let us upgrade it? Added design elements can transform the entire look and feel of your pool, so it’s ready to make a splash when summer arrives.

Your vision

There’s no right or wrong time to start your pool building project. If your pool is surrounded with concrete or decking, landscaping won’t be as important of a consideration. If, however you want your pool on the ground, surrounded by luscious greenery, the winter months may be your best bet.

But no matter when you choose to start building your pool, the most important thing is the result. That’s why you should choose a pool building contractor that can bring your dream poolscape to life.

At Aqua Blue Pools, we’ve been designing and creating luxury pools for three decades and have maintained the highest standards of craftsmanship since our inception.

It’s this dedication to our craft that earned us membership to the Master Pools Guild, the world’s most prestigious community of luxury pool builders. If you’re considering purchasing a luxury pool, don’t settle for anything but the best. We work throughout the year to bring your dream pool to life.

Simply get in touch with our team and start your journey to a luxury life in South Carolina SC.

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