Fall Pool Maintenance Tips For an Aqua Blue Autumn

Backyard pool at sunset with lounge chairs and patio eating area

Photo courtesy of Callie Cranford, Charleston Home + Design Magazine

One of our favorite aspects of South Carolina is its subtropical climate. For our pool owners, the extended warm weather means year-round swimming is often always an option – but only when your maintenance adapts to the seasons. As summer gracefully yields to autumn, Lowcountry pool sides undergo a subtle seasonal shift and Aqua Blue Pools is here to help your pool party continue well into the fall.

Transition with Elegance

Many think pool season ends with summer, but this could not be farther from the truth. While Lowcountry heat mellows, your poolside remains as captivating as ever. Imagine unwinding by the water, bathed in the autumn sun. That picture-perfect poolside is only possible with consideration for fall pool maintenance.

  • Pristine Cleaning and Skimming: As leaves scatter here and there, regular skimming is your best defense against unwanted debris in your water. You can avoid unsightly buildup by conducting a simple surface skim each day.
  • Pool Area Maintenance: Poolside upkeep drastically reduces the debris you’ll need to skim from your waters. By preemptively tackling clutter from your pool area and preventing system blockages, it will become easier to uphold water clarity and avoid surface staining.
  • Assess Equipment: Even high-quality pool equipment requires regular inspections. Checking the operation of your pool’s vital components – such as pumps, filters and heaters – promotes healthy water circulation and filtration, contributing to the overall well-being of the pool and swimmers.
  • Monitor Water Chemistry: Maintaining balanced water chemistry is a year-round priority – especially in wetter months. Test and adjust pH, chlorine levels and alkalinity as needed for optimal water quality. 
  • Prioritize Landscaping: Taming the foliage heightens your pool’s aesthetic appeal while curbing the influx of leaves and debris. Take time this season to landscape your pool area, particularly trees with overhanging branches. 
  • Consider Pool Covers: A well-fitted pool cover helps stave off leaves, minimizing debris buildup and reducing the necessity for frequent skimming. It also conserves heat, extending your pool’s usability into the cooler months. (Though this is not as much an issue for our local clients.)

Call the Professionals 

Why spend time cleaning your pool when you could be enjoying it? The best part of pool ownership is wading in luxury, and professional pool maintenance services can help you make the most of every poolside minute. Our maintenance team is always ready to help your Aqua Blue waters shimmer. 

Fall in love with your Aqua Blue pool!

As the Lowcountry’s premier custom pool builder, Aqua Blue Pools is ready to help you realize the pool of your dreams. Since 1991, our team has built pools in a range of styles for residential and commercial clients in South Carolina. We are proud to work closely with our clients to create and execute impressive custom projects built to last. Contact us today to begin planning your oasis!


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