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Hurricane Matthew – Do's and Don'ts Preparedness for Your Pool

NEVER empty or drain your pool. Why not? Keeping sufficient water levels in your pool provides the important weight to hold the sides and bottom in place, especially when heavy rains that accompany most storms raise the local water table. Pools that have been emptied may experience serious structural problems and could even pop out of the ground.

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Pool Automation's Newest and Sexiest Feature Yet: The Voice Command of Amazon Echo™ Now Integrated with Pentair ScreenLogic®

Control Your Pool Using Voice Command with Amazon’s Echo
Imagine using your voice to activate your spa, waterfall, pool lights and more. Voice command for your pool’s operation is here. Let’s give a big welcome to the George Jetson of swimming pools!

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How to Keep Your Pool Warm

The weather is turning cooler, but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to close your pool for the winter. As a pool owner, you want to use your pool as much as possible. Besides having clean, pH-balanced water, you most likely want the water to be comfortable for it to truly contribute to your health and pleasure. Heating your pool then becomes a major option.

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Plunge Pools Article on Luxury

Whether it is the extravagant feel of soaking in absolute privacy or the convenience of not having to fight for the perfect lounge chair, there is something undeniably luxurious about…

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Making a Splash

Ever notice how one sniff of a swimming pool can jog a mind back to cheery childhood memories? That chlorine scent has been known to conjure up visions of playing…

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Go with the Flow

Relaxing by a pool is a wonderful way to while away time during Charleston’s infamously hot summers. “Before deciding on what kind of pool you want, you first have to…

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Portable Pool Program

Jane Edwards Elementary School lead teacher Mary Hanson Praises each of the first-graders by name as she helps them scale a ladder to exit a portable pool in the school…

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Theodora Park Pool Feature, Charleston, SC

Gardens don’t need to be gigantic to be grand. Tiny Theodora Park in the Ansonborough neighborhood of Charleston, South Carolina, is a tucked-away public treasure inside a city known for…

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CH+D Magazine 2013 Renovation

The original five-year-old swimming pool pictured here “before” (built by a contractor other than Aqua Blue Pools) featured a stamped concrete deck that was fading, easily stained, and very hot…

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CH+D Mag Fall 2014

Soon after moving into his James Island house, Juan began to dream of a pool, and because he had worked with Aqua Blue Pools in the past, he gave Vice…

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